LDI Product Preview: PaintCan 2.0 From Elektralite/Group One

Elektralite/Group One’s PaintCan 2.0 offers a new set of designer-selected super saturated dichroic filters to compliment the full CMY mixing that is on board from the original version. The eight-channel DMX fixture features reduced noise levels due to an intelligent fan system that operates in response to internal temperature, a GLA or GLC 3,200K lamp with integral full electronic dimmer, new transformer and circuitry, and ETL Certification. The color wheel features one rotating bidirectional wheel with removable and interchangeable color filters, and effects include strobe, shutter, and eight additional internal programs. The beam output is 20º to 40º with full electronic zoom. The lamp base can be adapted to accept an HPL lamp. The unit can run in standalone, master/slave, or sound activation mode. Up to 48 cues can be programmed onto the internal flash memory with or without a controller, and cues can be recalled without a controller. DMX connection is via 5-pin male and female XLR connectors. The unit is available with black or white finish, and accessories include a barn door and fiber-optic harness plate.