LDI Product Preview: City Theatrical’s iW Blast® TR Lighting Kit

The iW Blast® TR Lighting Kit from City Theatrical features Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions iW Blast TR fixtures—two-channel white LED fixtures—as well as accessories for those who need bright white light with variable color temperature and battery-powered operation. The kit contains three each of the following: iW Blast TR fixtures; lighting stands adjustable to 8'; snap-on barndoors and egg crate louvers, neither requiring tools or accessory holders; sets of five polycarbonate holographic symmetric lenses; sets of four polycarbonate holographic asymmetric lenses; and two-channel LED dimmers allowing control of intensity and color temperature, powered by either 100VAC to 240VAC mains power or 24VDC battery power. The kit comes in a rugged transport and carry case with wheels. In addition to the kit, City Theatrical also offers polycarbonate holographic lenses in both symmetric and asymmetric beam spreads to fit iW Blast TR and ColorBlast® 12 TR units, available in beam spreads from 10° to 60°, as well as asymmetric beam spreads such as 60°x10°. A new lens adapter also allows the use of these lenses in other Philips fixtures, including ColorBlast 12 and ColorBlast12 Powercore.