LDI Product Preview: Acrobat G6 From Stage Technologies


Acrobat G6 is a new version of the show automation console from Stage Technologies that uses Chameleon software, Stage Technologies’ common platform for programming multiple shows, plotting, and using both metric and imperial units. The console has six playbacks, dual 20" widescreen LCD screens, redundant electronics backup, and is normally used without a system server. Acrobat stores the configuration and show data on the redundant computers and dual solid state hard drives. Additional features include full 3D graphical visualization, switching to numerical grid view once the show is running, and a shortcut panel with 24 switches for one-touch operation to selected parts of the automation system. The software tool, Visual Creator, is also available as an add-on, allowing motion profiles to be plotted and previewed and making the plotting of complicated arcs with speed variation a straightforward process. Additionally available software modules include Complex Groups and offline editing on a standalone PC or laptop. Operation is 110V/230V.