LDI Preview: Stage Technologies PC Wing

A compact training and programming tool, PC Wing is a Windows-based system that connects over USB and runs eChameleon software. It provides a dedicated Stage Technologies Acrobat/Illusionist keyboard, three playbacks, a dead man’s handle, and an emergency stop button. As a training platform, the console enables students to familiarize themselves with automation applications and venues to provide in-house instruction for staff. Experienced operators will be able to use it for offline plotting of new shows or for revising previous repertory shows. PC Wing can help streamline the automation team’s time by functioning as an alternative programming console for setting up presets or cues. It can also enable staff to become fluent with console operation and software functionality during the manufacturing and installation period before the automation system is live. While designed primarily for offline applications, it can also be used for data backup on a live system.

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