LDI Exhibitor Preview: ETC Congo v6

Version 6 software for Congo and Congo jr consoles from ETC features a new image effects function that uses the effect playback concept from v5 software to associate a layout of channels with a source image or text. Parameters include positioning of the image on the layout, scale, and aspect of that image/text, rotation, and effects like constant rotation, scaling, or scrolling. The new version also features an updated jam mode, in which users can determine what data gets generated and where that data ends up in a play file. Two scene masters mode allows users to create a look “blind” using the top row of masters, then fade into that look in time using master controls. The number of master playbacks has been increased to 80, and once-global settings can now be applied per master. Users can choose what look a rubber-banding master returns to, while an improved masters display and dock allows viewing of more information. Live moving-light controls can now be used within blind views, and channel views feature more options for the amount of information displayed, with new symbols added, as well. New docks include those for a designer summary and a timecode dock with a clock for internal or external timecode that enhances functionality and supports the Net3™ Show Control Gateway for interaction with MIDI and SMPTE. Additional upgrades include a “learn profile” function; the addition of more preset numbers; finer timing resolution; and support of 16-bit intensity.


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