Keepers of the Flame


Leviton has designed a family of relay-based lighting control systems - DMXkeeper, Watchkeeper, Controlkeeper, and Switchkeeper - which provide enhanced operation, interfacing, and energy management capabilities for general architectural lighting used in FOH, lobby, and shop/backstage areas. The systems are flexible and offer a selection of control panels, NEMA-rated enclosures, relay cards, DMX interfaces, and additional optional accessories. The users select the panel that fits their application, and specify a particular relay card. System functionality can be expanded with a range of accessories such as contact-closure switches, software interface, photo cells, and a telephone interface for remote status checking. The systems incorporate microprocessor technology, modem interfacing, an onboard keypad with a two-line, 32-character LCD display, and have an internal clock for time-of-day scheduling, and full zone capability, as well as networking capabilities for combining panels - up to 127 panels for large venues. The system architecture is designed for small, zone applications or large multizone buildings. Leviton Manufacturing Tualatin, OR