ITEC Targets Retail


Orlando-based ITEC Productions has launched The ITEC Network, a digital network that broadcasts direct in-store consumer programming and vendor-paid advertising to individual retail locations around the world. With the system, retailers can broadcast store-specific, demographically targeted programming--including custom audio and video, lifestyle vignettes, and vendor-paid advertising--to their shoppers.

The system, which debuted officially at the Chicago Global Shop Show (March 27-29), is already in use at the newest generation of Foot Locker stores. The ITEC Network uses the firm's MV2 technology, which receives digitally encoded programming via the Internet at each retail location, stores it locally, and broadcasts the content throughout the store in pre-designated formats. No videotapes, laser disks, or DVDs are necessary with this system, and programming can be updated as often as needed from The ITEC Network's digital broadcast facility in Orlando.

"With its significant revenue-generating capacity and programming flexibility, we believe it will be very popular with mass merchandisers, grocers, and other leading retailers," says ITEC principal Marc Plogstedt.