World’s Largest Invisible Scenic Attraction Unveiled

Los Angeles-based UV/FX recently completed the painting of the largest completely invisible scenic attraction ever produced. The Cave scene is a part of Walking With Buddha Attraction at Hong Kong’s newest Visitor destination, Ngong Ping 360.

UV/FX worked directly with Dedica Group, a California-based creative design and management consultancy, who delivered the specialist to attractions for their client Mass Transit Railway Corporation.

The Cave scene is a massive set that literally disappears right before the audience’s eyes. The attraction represents a chapter in the life of Siddhartha transformative journey using narrative, theatrical effects and lighting. In an instant the cave magically transforms to reveal contemporary Hong Kong’s Nathan Road, a blur of lights and busy people that signifies the relevance and importance of Buddhism in contemporary society.

According to UV/FX principle, Richard Green, “We've done large scale attractions before in the complete invisible style but never anything this massive with such a realistic design.”

Lead scenic designer Rhett Butler adds, “It was a real challenge getting the coloration correct in a complete invisible style where you go from white to full color under UV lighting. We had to merge everything from neon, simulated signage, building, and people into one unified style.”

Working closely with Dedica Group project manager Gina Yu and art director Amy Treff, UV/FX painted a total of 56 scenic flats and softgoods that have no ambient appearance at all until the addition of UV light when they scream.

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