World's Brightest Lights Illuminate World's Biggest Game

Luminys Systems Corp. today announced that its SoftSun lights made their world sporting event debut at Super Bowl XLI last night. JustLighting of Las Vegas, event lighting designers for Super Bowl XLI, selected SoftSun to further enhance the lighting brilliance of this year's event.

"It's a first in a sporting venue and we did it right at Dolphin Stadium," says Bill Brennan, president and lighting consultant of JustLighting, "We were able to push some quality lighting in a great facility from 55 footcandles to 180 footcandles. The result was stunningly brilliant light with incomparable depth of field and color rendering. It was literally a marked and visible difference in every way. "

Dolphin Stadium, which features 800 1,000-watt metal halide light fixtures for a total of 800,000 watts, saw the installation of 16 SoftSun 50K models within the facility that more than doubled the total lighting power while also supporting full redundancy. The result was significantly enhanced picture quality, as well as the ability to provide stunning slow motion replays at 400 frames per second without flicker.

"SoftSun's superior color quality delivered an enhanced high definition viewing experience to television sets throughout the world," notes David Pringle, chief technology officer of Luminys. "We are grateful for the opportunity to use our unique technology to illuminate the world's biggest game."

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