Shogyo Mujo Premieres at Area 15

(Shogyo Mujo: Area 15 Premiere)

BARTKRESA studio’s 360° projection-mapped sculpture, Shogyo Mujo, a twelve-foot tall faceted skull created by in collaboration with sculptor Josh Harker, represents the first of the three marks of Dharma, which states that all things are impermanent. Each iteration of this piece embodies an intersection of the physical and the imagination. It first premiered in 2014 at Burning Man, travelled to various locations and festivals, before recently taking up residency in Las Vegas at immersive entertainment and events complex, Area 15

Shogyo Mujo sits just inside the front doors of the venue, which opened in September 2020. The skull establishes a surreal and otherworldly tone for every guest. The giant, sculptural centerpiece engages guests with a combination of projections, lighting, and music.

Five Panasonic laser projectors, including four PT-RZ21KU 3-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINE laser projectors and one PT-RZ970U 1-Chip DLP® fixed installation laser projector, create the 360-degree projections. A Dataton WatchOut rack-mountable server runs the show, and six speakers provide immersive sound. BARTKRESA studio created a 15-minute-long show that features bold and vibrant animated scenes and an original soundtrack. The combination of high-end design and technology creates a seamless experience rooted in art and light. Shogyo Mujo draws guests into the space, where they experience mesmerizing and innovative art. 

The installation took place in mid-2020, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. BARTKRESA studio prioritized safety, and Bart Kresa developed an installation process that went beyond the prescribed COVID-19 safety measures. The biggest adjustment involved adding remote cameras at the event site. The skeletal installation team, which included only Mr. Kresa, a technical director, and a video engineer, used three Panasonic PTZ cameras and a Panasonic livestreaming video switcher and PTZ controller.  The team set up a socially-distant workspace in the parking lot of Area 15, and accessed the camera feeds to both adjust the designs and program remotely. The new system allowed everyone to interact with the projectors and skull remotely in real time, which made the remote process feel more collaborative.

In addition, Mr. Kresa incorporated UV-C lighting, PPE, and detailed contamination/decontamination protocols to ensure that everyone was conscious of safety throughout the installation. From the remote interface development and content adjustments, to the installation, this system kept the BKS team safe onsite. In fact, BARTKRESA studio was honored to receive the Silver Stevie Award for Designing Safety into Events & Experiences for the safety protocols that they developed for installations, like Area 15.

Since the opening of Area 15, many guests have described Area 15 as something from their imagination that has come to life. Images of Area 15 have flooded social media, with Shogyo Mujo often as the first picture in each post. From the moment guests enter, Shogyo Mujo defines Area 15 as the destination for a unique, futuristic experience.

BARTKRESA studio and Area 15 share a dedication to incorporating new technology to stimulate, inspire, and create unique innovative experiences. Shogyo Mujo at Area 15 truly is the beginning of a tremendous fantasy experience.

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