PixelArcs Light Seattle Spectura

Spectra is one of two art pieces commissioned during the construction of the Lynnwood Convention Center north of Seattle. It is a 35-foot outdoor sculpture created by Seattle artist Doug Hansen. The tower is made of steel fitted with fused color glass panels, reflecting light from PixelArc C LED fixtures uplighting from the base.

Director of Operations Mohnie Mangat explains, “We looked at a lot of fixtures before choosing PixelArc. It was the perfect choice for our needs: simple, easy to use, low energy, and very powerful.”

When the existing fixtures specified by the construction architect were found to be insufficient and the intended water feature did not work the Lynnwood PFD, who own the building, asked the Center’s management company SMG to look at ways to make the sculpture more dynamic.

SMG’s Mohnie Mangat has a lighting design and theatrical background and with colleague Ian Bowling began to research a number of fixtures. They wanted something that would change color, offer a stand-alone solution with built-in effects and be powerful enough to light a 35-foot tall sculpture from the base all the way up to the top.

Mangat continues: “The PixelArcs met all our requirements. As well as being low energy, they are also able to have the ballast and control inside the building with only the head exposed to the elements worked perfectly. And the addition of the 60° x 10° lens ensures the sculpture is lit to its full height.”

During the day the sculpture is static but at dusk it bursts into life. Attendees of the convention center can gaze out at the beautifully lit sculpture from the upper balcony. It has become a notable landmark on a busy intersection with the constant color changing.

The Lynnwood Convention Centre is managed by SMG. The PixelArcs were demonstrated by DC Lighting & Controls and supplied by Hollywood Lights Seattle.

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