No Gamble For Galaxy As Starworld Casino Invests in Lighthouse LED Screen


Opened in October 2006, the Galaxy Entertainment Group-owned StarWorld Hotel and Casino is a 38-story, five star luxury venue featuring 21st-century design and state-of-art facilities and it is now home to a Lighthouse Technologies LED screen.

The hotel’s main (L1) gaming hall, features a giant 19.84m x 6.72m (31 x 14 panels) Lighthouse P10 Super Quiet LED screen as its focal point. Arrayed on a gentle curve, the screen is in operation 24 hours a day, with content featuring casino and hotel promotions, advertising video clips and an array of live performances. It is controlled by two Lighthouse LIP-XGA and a scaler system

With 2000 nits brightness, ultimate contrast / color uniformity and140º viewing angles, the slim profile Lighthouse P10 was perfect for forming the gently curved screen that was required to complement the gaming hall’s modern décor.

The P10 screen’s fanless design means that it operates absolutely silently and also produces no movement of air, which could produce discomfort in an enclosed area. Plus, of course, the extreme reliability required for a screen that is constantly in use.

“Ultimate quality and reliability are at the heart of the StarWorld Hotel and Casino’s service ethic and we need all our facilities to be able to deliver both,” says a representative from the hotel. “The Lighthouse P10 screen has provided all the benefits we wanted from a large screen in the gambling hall, but with no drawbacks whatsoever.”

“Having one of the largest indoor screens in Asia is a unique achievement for the StarWorld Hotel and Casino and we are proud that Lighthouse panels were chosen,” says Peter Chan, Lighthouse’s general manager of Business Development. “It proves once again that the highest profile clients, who provide the highest levels of service, can completely rely on Lighthouse LED technology.”

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