Lighting Science Group And Jason Bruges Studio Create Interactive LEDs

Lighting Science Group (LSG) recently partnered with the Jason Bruges Studio in order to create a unique one-of-a-kind experience integrating innovative animated lighting. Shoppers at the Silverburn Shopping Center in Glasgow, Scotland will interact with the vertical linear lighting sculpture, which hangs from the ceiling of the main atrium and walkway and displays a variety of spectacular animated effects in response to the activity of people passing under it.

Jason Bruges Studio’s design was implemented by integrating LSG’s high-intensity X16 Dotz LEDs with White Wing Logic’s leading-edge camera recognition software and a DMX control system. Hundreds of X16 Dotz hang from the mall ceiling in a vertical configuration, each one individually controlled by the DMX system. As the camera registers the motion of each passing shopper, the data is seamlessly translated by the DMX system to generate animated effects that create wavelike patterns of light. The result is a personalized experience for each person interacting with the display.

“The flexibility of the LSG solution and the short lead time allowed us to achieve our design concepts and gave us the ability to provide our client with a cost-effective solution and very unique feature for the shopping center,” says Zena Bruges, managing director of Jason Bruges Studio.

The Silverburn Shopping Center Installation opened to the public in March 2008.

“As an innovator in LED technology, LSG welcomes the complex technical challenges that the Jason Bruges Studio’s dynamic designs present,” says Govi Rao, CEO of Lighting Science Group. “By continually stretching their creativity to design lighting installations that interact in exciting ways with people and the environment, they push us to find new ways to bring light, color, and movement to the Studio’s visions with our pace-setting LED solutions.”

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