LaserNet Returns Beam To Monterrey, Mexico

LaserNet successfully repaired the green laser beam that rotates over the city of Monterrey, Mexico, restoring a long held tradition. The 240’ tall tower, known as the “Light House of Commerce” had been idle for two years due to various attempts to repair the system by others. The beam over the city was restored just in time for the September 15th Mexican Independence Day Celebration.

In addition to restoration, LaserNet also upgraded the installation with the addition of LaserPro beam table designed to target specific monuments like the City Hall building, the Museum of Mexican Culture, the Technological University, the Mexican flag at the Obispado Hill, and the city cathedral. The beams bouncing throughout the city made their first appearance on September 20th, the 410th Anniversary of the founding of Monterrey.

Working closely with city officials, LaserNet’s technical expert, Horacio Pugliese, repaired the extensively damaged YAG laser at LaserNet’s office and then installed the complete system in the tower. Due to the intense local media coverage, Pugliese has become a Monterrey celebrity, recognized on the street for his hard work in returning the beam over the city.

Monterrey Mayor Edgar Olays comments, “After many failed attempts, it was a pleasure to work with someone that told me exactly what the problems were and then delivered exactly what he promised. We are very proud to have the laser beam, once again, rotating over the city. Mr. Pugliese did an excellent job.”

Pugliese says, “I am especially proud of the beam collimation combined with the targeting of the city monuments. The beam at 5,000 meters by 3 meters wide, which means an incredibly tight beam traveling over the city for the precise targeting.”

The nightly laser display can be seen for miles as this unique feature once again fills the sky with laser beams.

LaserNet is a founding member of ILDA (the International Laser Display Association) and took the necessary steps to train the current operators of the safety aspects of the laser display.

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