JTE’S New PixelArcs Light UK's Tallest Purpose-Built Advertising Structure

JCDecaux recently unveiled a new London advertising landmark, exclusively designed by award-winning architects Foster and Partners. The M4 Tower, which is the first of its kind, is set to become a reference point for the city’s travelers and commuters. In a first for outdoor advertising, the structure is made almost entirely from special glass housing LEDs.

Eighty James Thomas Engineering’s PixelArc fixtures are meticulously positioned inside the tower creating stunning full spectrum color washes. These compact, high powered units generate little heat, run silently, and consume very little power– making them ideal for constant operation.

"The PixelArc fixtures satisfied the technical design brief and have brought the M4 Tower to life. Like the structure, its lighting is state of the art and adds real impact,” says Lawrence Haines, managing director – large format, JCDecaux.

A unique feature of the Tower is its ability to transmit the light from the LEDs throughout the entire glass structure as a result of lines etched into each glass panel. Advanced computer technology also allows the structure to adopt any color to meet the specific branding needs of clients, adding additional impact.

The Tower is the height of a seven-story building, making it the tallest purpose-built advertising structure in the UK and an impressive addition to London’s skyline.

Located in a prime position on the M4, the gateway road from Heathrow to the center of London, the giant 50m² backlit panels facing in both directions will deliver 1,630,000 consumers every week (source: DETR).

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