Hippotizer Adds A Splash of Color

When Aron Kovacs from Chromatica first contacted Green Hippo about a party in a public swimming baths in Budapest, they suspected he'd been knocking back a few too many of those Hungarian tipples. “No really, it's all the top DJs in a Spa Baths with lighting and big sound system and everyone swims,” he explained.

After sending Kovacs an additional Hippotizer demo kit Green Hippo soon received about 200 amazing pictures. Budapest has always been a seamless meeting of history and cutting-edge art, and Cinetrip is probably the ultimate embodiment of this. Running since 1998, Cinetrip parties reinterpret the original function of baths when, in addition to relaxation and healing, they are turned into scenes of community life and entertainment. Then add new music culture and the latest in real time image manipulation to the mix.

Chromatica supported their rental client AV Control, sound suppliers Renegat X, and visual content creator Kiégő Izzók. Following a temporary hiatus in 2004, the parties now run every two weeks from December to April. “They are hugely popular and a great opportunity for us to try out new ideas and push the equipment to the edge,” says Kovacs. “The vast expanse of architecture we have to work with allows us to create a wonderful 360-degree show. The only headache is having to rig and derig for each event!”

Two Hippotizer Stage servers provided moving image playback in conjunction with stills from four Pani BP6 projectors with E-slides. “Creating still montages and bringing them to life by overlaying video is a challenge but gives amazing results in this environment,” adds Kovacs.

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