Chauvet Brings New Life To The Mortuary

In a town like New Orleans, where haunts are so prevalent that Halloween is termed the “second Mardi Gras,” The Haunted Mortuary manages to stand out. Billing itself as “The world’s first interactive paranormal observatory, lab, and museum actively haunted by ghosts” The Mortuary is certified by the International Society for Paranormal Research (ISPR).

Chauvet Colorado™ 1 units highlight the gothic architecture of the three-story tall, 14,000-square-foot structure, giving the front columns an ethereal glow akin to the “ghosts” within and creating the illusion of a building that has risen from the vaporous ground.

Installed and programmed by local Chauvet distributors PSX, the units have made lighting an integral part of the surreal experience. “The lighting has become a landmark to look for on Canal Street—it is how people find us—and it gives the building a great eerie effect,” says Mortuary manager Trampus Hock.

Round-the-clock events include freestyle ghost hunting of 11 ISPR-certified ghosts, tours of the facility, participation in paranormal experiments, metaphysical classes and workshops, themed screenings of documentaries, and feature films.

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