Behind The Immersive 360° Content For Vegas: Alter Your Reality

John Fragomeni and Andrew Cochrane discuss the VR content creation process with a focus on the 3D creative experience for Vegas: Alter Your Reality’ (VAYR) 360 virtual art experience.

The new ‘Vegas: Alter Your Reality’ (VAYR) 360 virtual art experience, produced for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Association (LVCVA), is a unique destination brand marketing program that features an interpretation of the Las Vegas experience – the attractions, night life, restaurants, and more “only in Las Vegas” scenes – in virtual reality (VR) through the lens of five of the world’s top artists: Beeple, Adhemas Batista, Fafi, Insa and Signal Noise.

John Fragomeni, Creative & Media Entertainment Executive, and Andrew Cochrane, Immersive Creator and Director, were contracted by R+R Partners to handle the VR production. Throughout the six-month project, the team working in conjunction with Sunset West Media production studio in Los Angeles, relied on MAXON Cinema 4D, and Cineversity plug-ins CV-ArtSmart and CV-VR Cam, to create five individual VR videos totaling 12.5 minutes of immersive 4K stereo animation. 

The virtual art collection debuted last December at the prestigious annual Art Week and Art Basel festival in Miami and can be experienced now on the Vegas VR app. The activation is presently scheduled at select locations around the world.

Click through the slideshow to learn about their VR content creation process.

Sunset West Media credit list:

  • John Fragomeni – Creative Executive
  • Andrew Cochrane – Creative Director
  • Paul Pianezza – Post Producer
  • Ryan Hitch – Post Producer
  • Roy Edwards – TD/Pipeline
  • Ryan Fragomeni – Post Production Assistant
  • Max Forward - Storyboards
  • John Robson – Creative Lead
  • Itzik Roitman – Creative Lead
  • Liam Ward – Digital Artist
  • Matt Shadis – Digital Artist
  • Tyler Heacox – Digital Artist
  • Lamson To – Digital Artist
  • Ivan Cruz – Digital Artist
  • Yates Holey – Digital Artist
  • Richard DeForno – Animator
  • Margaret Dost – Modeling
  • Sophie Kim – Illustrator
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