BB7s Salute The City

Lighting designer Mark Cunniffe used 24 of the new i-Pix BB7 fixtures to light the portico and columns of the main entrance to St Paul’s Cathedral in London for the recent “City Salute” event.

With only six 13 Amp power outlets available to drive architectural lighting for the whole Cathedral exterior, due to cabling issues preventing the use of generators, Cunniffe’s only option was to use LED lightsources. This BB7 fixture consumes just 210 Watts at 240 volts, and proved ideal for the task.

The 24 units were floor mounted and illuminated the upper and lower Portico columns of the Cathedral’s main façade. Cunniffe also used a variety of other LED fixtures for the project, which involved highlighting St Paul’s full entrance facade.

Says Cunniffe,“The BB7 has incredible light output for so little power, and great color rendition.” He adds that he will definitely use a combination of BB7s and Vari-Lites (used to light the main façade surface area) again as they work very well together.

City Salute was a sunset pageant and son et lumière organized to support the UK’s armed forces and their families and to raise money for injured service-people. It was attended by Princes William and Harry, royal patrons of the City Salute Appeal.

Lighting for the show was programmed and operated by Ross Williams using a WholeHog II console, with PRG supplying all the other lighting equipment and crew.

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