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The Legend of Camel Bells won a 2019 TEA Thea Award

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The Recipients of the 25th Annual TEA Thea Awards

The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) recently recognized some of the world's greatest achievements in creative places and experiences at the annual TEA Summit and Thea Case Studies.

Q&A Susan Hilferty: TDF/Sharaff Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Costume designer Susan Hilferty, who will receive the 2019 TDF/Irene Sharaff Lifetime Achievement Award, discusses her career in theatre and opera, from Wicked to Rigoletto.

VIDEO: Introducing GDTF & MVR

Meet the open file format that’s revolutionizing entertainment industry workflows.

Together, GDTF and MVR are a free open standard file format that ensures lighting fixtures work the first time, every time. This non-proprietary data exchange keeps changes synchronized, whether it’s moving from CAD to console or from console back to CAD. Watch our video to learn more.

Immersive Art Experience Lights Up The Midway With Epson® Pro L Laser Projectors

Epson® partnered with artist/technologist Osman Koç to create an immersive art experience unlike any other using high-powered 25K Pro L Laser Projectors.

disguise: Powering the Next Generation of Live Content Production

disguise’s Extended Reality (xR) workflows empower production teams to deliver Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality within live production environments. This paper explains how the features within xR can improve several aspects of production for Film and Broadcast including talent immersion, interaction with CG elements and real lighting on actors and objects.

The Art of Programming: Mastering Effects Engines and Lighting Networks

Watch this LDI video session on effect types, advanced effect manipulation, and new lighting console concepts.

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