31 Days of Plots: Northern Lights at LumiNature

To reflect on the creative, innovative moments of 2020 and to welcome the hope that the New Year brings, Live Design is conducting 31 Days Of Plots. Every day during the month of December 2020, we will highlight a different lighting design, from across theatre, concert tours, corporate events, and more.

Today, the 31 Days of Plots looks at "Northern Lights," an installation at Philadelphia Zoo's first-ever themed event, LumiNature, a holiday attraction focusing on "What Animals Dream" with multimedia installations across their 42-acre Victorian campus. Lighting designer Ken Billington and projection designer Christopher Ash are shortlisted for Live Design's 2020 Design Achievement Awards for this 10-minute multimedia show featuring panoramic visuals with an emotionally-charged soundtrack. A 35' tall polar bear was illuminated with ecofriendly LED lighting inspired by the aurora borealis and an imaginative kaleidoscope of environmental images throughout the show.

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