Journey Of Lights Parade, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

(Images courtesy Miziker Entertainment)

Ocean Kingdom is one of the largest ocean-themed amusement parks in the world with an aquarium that boasts five World Records. Ocean Kingdom’s mascots: Kaka, Kiki, Bobby, and the Ocean Genie take guests on a magical nightly journey featuring over one million lights! Eight spectacular parade floats circle the park’s central lagoon in a 40 minute show accompanied by performers in synchronized color-changing illuminated costumes all set to an original musical soundtrack.

The intricate lighting designs and sheer number of RGB pixels used on each float require an enormous DMX channel count spanning 868 Universes. The largest of the floats uses more than 200 universes of DMX alone! The CueServer 2 platform and CueServer Express both by manufacturer, Interactive Technologies, Inc. were chosen to manage this massive playback undertaking.

One of the most unique aspects of this parade is that each float and costume runs its own individual light show which is completely synchronized with an audio soundtrack that follows each float through the parade route and is transmitted to the audience via the park-wide audio system.

The lighting content for the floats and costumes was initially generated on a pair of ETC Gio consoles and stream-recorded into the CueServers for playback. An Alcorn McBride VCore show control processor on each float is integrated with the park's QSC audio system and GPS clock to synchronize the playback of all 124 CueServers. The VCore processors send UDP messages over Ethernet to the network of CueServers on each float. The CueServers then play back show segments in time with the soundtrack. Additionally, the CueServers on each float transmit signals wirelessly via an RC-4 system to trigger the mini CueServers embedded in the costumes of the performers surrounding each float. 

Each float contains its own network infrastructure which allows the CueServers to output a massive amount of DMX data via the Streaming ACN (sACN) protocol to a huge array of LED interfaces. In addition to the over one million lights, the floats also feature lasers, fog cannons, video panels, and pyrotechnic effects that are triggered by DMX as well.

The parade features a 33-foot-tall (10 meter) "active" volcano, a pirate ship with working cannons, a polar ice-cap with laser projected Borealis lights, a candy wonderland featuring an enormous “cake” made of curved video panels, and a circus tent containing a live acrobatics show.

Guests along the parade route can enhance the experience by downloading a companion phone App that synchronizes with the audio and lights as the floats and performers travel by. 

The result is simply magic!

"We believe it will be a favorite attraction at the park for years to come," said Ryan Miziker, CEO and Creative Director of Miziker Entertainment, a world leader in the design and production of shows and parades, media-based attractions, and memorable guest experiences. 

Project Team:

Ryan Miziker - Miziker Principal/Creative Director
John Ramirez - Art Director
Tim Hosman - Music Director & Composer
Brian Gale - Lighting Designer
Miranda Rada - Costume Designer
David Foley - Technical Director
Chris Osborne - Senior Programmer
Pete Thornbury - Senior Programmer
David Kane - Senior Programmer
Sean Chung - Miziker Project Manager
Charlotte Huggins - Miziker Producer
Robbie Mackey - Choreographer
Bella Lai - Project Manager
Charlotte He - Project Manager
Li Kai Wai - Chimelong Technical Manager

Key Equipment List:

24 CueServer 2 Pro
100 CueServer Express
2 ETC Gio Console
8 Alcorn McBride VCore​

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