How to Control a Laser Projector, Like a Moving Head Light

Here at Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. we are in contact with Lighting Designers from all over the world, who commonly ask the question "how do I control a laser, like a moving head light". We also get a lot of requests from the lighting community, for more information on how to setup and control laser light shows in general. 

When we look at all of the lighting elements out there that are now available, and then consider the array of effects which those light sources can create, it becomes quite clear, that a laser is a much more vesatile lighting effect, and can produce a much wider array of looks, when compared to other lighting technologies. We use the analogy, that a "laser is a better paint brush". A laser can provide so many different lighting effects, from simple washes and atmosperics, to hot beams and arrays, and even graphics, logos and text.

In addition, laser technology has changed dramatically over the years, making it easier than ever to setup and control a laser show. And, with these technological improvements, the costs of purchasing, and performing a laser show have also come down as well - exponentially in fact, and in many cases, it is less expensive to use laser as a lighting element, than it is to use a moving head or similar equipment.

 So, we come back to the question... "How do I control a laser like a moving head light"... Well, we've included some new features inside of our BEYOND software, that allow you to do just this.

One of the basic tools we provide, is what we refer to as a "zone". A zone is (essentialy) a tool inside of all Pangolin software, that allows you to output laser content to different projection areas, from a single or multiple laser projectors.

For example, if you have one laser, and you wanted to project an atomospheric effect over people's heads, and at the same time project a graphic/logo in another area, you could use our zones tool to help configure this. Zones go much deeper, but this provides a basic idea of what a zone is, and how it might be used in a real world scenario. 

Another example of using a zone, is if you wanted multiple types of atomostpheric laser effects to be projected (perhaps a wave in one area, and hot beams in another area), you can use the zones settings to configure this in Pangolin laser software. 

** You can watch a brief tutorial video online here, which provides a basic overview of what a zone is, and how to use them here:

We've taken it a step further though, by including a new way of controlling laser projectors inside of BEYOND, with a feature we call the BEYOND Universe. The Universe is a new way of controlling multiple laser projector, and sending effects to those laser projectors. It also allows you to cutomize your control options, so that they are set the way YOU like. The Universe is quite a very advanced tool, but once undestood, it opens up new doors for how you can create and contorl a laser light show.

We've created a complete 5-part tutorial video series about this as well, which you can watch here:

In addition to this, we've prepared a small report, which discusses the history of the laser industry, as well as providing in-depth informaiton about where we see it headed (as an industry leasder in the field) as well as providing information on how BEYOND will help to "set you up for success" in this rapidly growing area of the lighting business. You can read this FREE report online here:

We also highly encourage questions, and feedback. If anyone has questions about lasers, laser control, how to get started using lasers, etc... Do not hestitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help answer any questions that anyone might have.

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