Wireworks Presents AV2000 Multimedia Cabling

Wireworks has unveiled its AV2000 Multimedia Cabling. The AV2000 Multimedia Cabling connects multimedia systems through one plug in combining audio, video, and data control signals through a hybrid connector that replaces multiple fragile tails and connectors. AV2000 allows each system to match specific equipment requirements.

With AV2000 MultiMedia Cabling, all tails can be terminated to meet system requirements. Utilizing three components—the access point, the umbilical, and the link—the AV2000 can be easily integrated and can simplify every multimedia installation.

The AV2000 access point can be premounted on gang, rack, wall, or floorbox panels and terminated with individual cables providing a drop in solution for the installer. Access points can be easily retrofitted into existing systems. The AV2000 umbilical is a flex-wrapped cable assembly terminated on one end with a line type AV2000 connector; the other end of the cable assembly is configured with a connectorized fan out.

The AV2000 umbilical is custom manufactured to meet individual length requirements for easily installation directly into the system rack or podium. Lastly, the AV2000 link is a flex-wrapped cable assembly terminated on each end with line type AV2000 connectors. Designed to connect between two AV2000 access points, the AV2000 link also can be used as an extension to the AV2000 umbilical for added length and flexibility.

“The AV2000 system offers AV professionals a simple solution to the clutter and confusion associated with multiple connector panels by offering a single reliable interconnect that is easily installed to meet individual system needs,” states Gerald Krulewicz, president of Wireworks. “It also reduces plugging time by up to 95% and saves panel space needed for highly integrated systems.”

AV2000 Multimedia cabling features rugged metal housing that incorporates a superior strain relief. High quality materials are used throughout to prevent signal degeneration. Cables are safely enclosed in a nylon mesh jacket to prevent damage and tangling.

Sixteen gauge contacts, used for audio, data, and control signals, are precision-formed brass pin and socket contacts with a proprietary gold plating. To allow for use with a wide range of high performance coaxial cables, specifically sized coaxial contacts are used. Connectors are key to eliminate misplugging.

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