Wireworks Introducing Multiple New Cabling Systems At LDI 2006

Wireworks will be introducing multiple new audio/visual cabling systems at LDI 2006. Set to be unveiled are the MMB8D, the diGi8 Series Components, and the AES/EBU Direct Cabling Assemblies, all at the Wireworks booth, #1570.

An ideal solution for problems involving interfacing DB25 analog and digital connections to XLR connectors, the MMB8D MiniStageBox can be used as a rugged standalone interface or rack-mounted.

Offering true AES/EBU 110? rugged jacked cable combined with Neutrik Black/Gold connectors, the versatile MMB8D is available in various gender combinations with either analog or digital wired DB25 connectors mounted on the rear, or with a 4ft. tail for in-rack direct connection. The MMB8D cabling system includes the unique MMB8D MiniStageBox and MMLD8D MiniLineBox, DB25 Trunks and the convenient MMBR Rack Adaptor for the MMB8D and MMLB8D boxes. Additionally, Wireworks offers a complete line of companion DB25 assemblies to facilitate installation.

“Our MMB8D Cabling System is the only line of cabling products on the market that utilizes AES/EBU components designed specifically to meet the special needs of the audio professional in both the digital and analog domains,” states Gerald Krulewicz, co-founder and co-owner of Wireworks.

The MMB8D MiniStageBox’s unique, all steel chassis is only 1RU high x 9.5" wide (1/2 rack width) and 3" deep. The cleverly designed small package allows the widest variety of uses. With the included baseplate, the MMB8D can function as a tiny stagebox or be wall mounted. Without the baseplate, the MMB8D can be hung or hidden away. Two MMB8D boxes can be mounted side-by-side in the MMBR Rack adaptor in only 1RU.

The MMLD8D MiniLineBox and the MMB8D MiniStageBox are similar in size and functionality. Yet, the MMLD8D MiniLineBox differs due to its ability to connect directly to an individual’s equipment, without an additional DB25/DB25 interconnecting cable. The MMLD8D MiniLineBox’s DB25 female connector is terminated into a hardwired 4ft. cable versus being mounted directly on the box as on the MMB8D MiniStageBox.

DB25 Trunks offer the durability and dependability needed for professionals on the road. These Trunks provide excellent equipment-to-equipment interconnect and are available in five convenient lengths, such as 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25ft. with other lengths to order. The DB25 connectors are equally as sturdy featuring heavy-duty metal bodies with captive thumb screws and gold contacts. Also, utilizing the DB25 Trunks allows the reach of the MMB8D MiniStageBox to be conveniently matched to individual system needs.

The MMBR Rack Adaptor enables any combination of two MMB8D or MMLB8D boxes to be side-by-side rack-mounted in only one-rack space. The boxes can each be mounted in a flush or recessed position, with either the eight connectors or the DB25 facing forward.

“At Wireworks we have recognized that professionals on the road need a durable, dependable, and convenient cabling system that overcomes the rigors of traveling,” Krulewicz continues. “The MMB8D Cabling System successfully meets this need.”

diGi8 Series Components
Designed to protect DB25-based gear from the wear and tear of the road, Wireworks heavy-duty diGi8 Series Components are built on the company’s road-tough G-Series connectors and are paired with top-quality, rugged, full-size AES/EBU cable to provide peace of mind for the road warrior.

Available with both analog and digital wiring, and supported by a wide variety of XLR and TRS combinations to fit every setup, the eight-channel cabling system includes the diGi8 MiniStageBox, diGi8 Trunk cables, XLR and TRS Fanouts, MMBR rack-mount adapters, and adapters to DB25 connections. All components use true AES/EBU 110? rugged jacketed cable and all connectors feature heavy-duty metal bodies with gold contacts for best results.

“The diGi8 interconnect components are based on our G-Series connectors and were created to meet the robust demands of the touring industry,” states Gerald Krulewicz, co-founder and co-owner of Wireworks. “Featuring full-sized conductors with true AES/EBU cable, these cable components are designed to be used—not pampered.”

The diGi8 MiniStageBox’s unique, all steel chassis is only 1RU high x 9.5" wide (1/2 rack width) and 3" deep. This cleverly designed small package allows the widest variety of use. With the included baseplate, the unit can function as a tiny stagebox or be wall mounted. Without the baseplate, diGi8 boxes can be hung or hidden away. Two diGi8 boxes can be mounted side-by-side in the MMBR Rack Adaptor in only 1RU.

Offering versatility as well as durability, the diGi8 Trunks can be connected, either singly or in a chain, so short and long cable runs can be configured to meet varying system and venue needs, while the company’s popular BLS latching system prevents inadvertent disconnects. The diGi8 Cable Trunks are available in convenient standard lengths of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100ft. with other lengths to order.

Available in a variety of configurations, the diGi8 Fanouts are ideal for simplifying termination. Male or female Wireworks G-Series connectors are available with a range of connectors terminating the eight, color-coded tough, 4ft. tails.

Operating independently of any digital or analog wiring complications, the diGi8 Digital and Analog Adaptors allow interfacing to either of these standards. With either a male or female G-Series connector terminating one end of the eight channel AES/EBU cable, the other end terminates in a rugged, metal bodied, gold contact DB25. Both digital-wired and analog-wired Adaptors are available.

The system’s MMBR Rack Adaptor provides a simple way to rack-mount any combination of two diGi8 MiniStageBoxes side-by-side in only 1-rack space. The boxes can each be mounted in a flush or recessed position, with either the eight connectors or the G-Series connector facing forward.

“Touring cables and connectivity products need to endure constant pounding on the road,” Krulewicz continues. “Our diGi8 component cabling presents a strong, versatile and attractively priced solution to meet the rigors of the road.”

AES/EBU Direct Cabling Assemblies
Constructed from the most durable components currently available, Wireworks AES/EBU Direct Interconnect Cables provide the ruggedness and flexibility crucial to serious audio professionals.

Available in 10ft. and 15ft. versions—with a wide variety of XLR connector combinations, including all male, all female, mixed genders, or TRS connectors— Wireworks Direct Cabling Assemblies include Tails/Tails, DB25 analog or digital Fanouts, and DB25 Trunks supporting either analog or digital wiring standards.

“Our first priority is to provide today’s audio professional with high quality cabling assemblies,” states Gerald Krulewicz, co-founder and co-owner of Wireworks. “With such a wide variety of connector combinations, the AES/EBU Direct Cabling Assemblies can meet virtually any system requirement, giving our customers the added value of convenience.”

Providing superior electrical performance, all Wireworks Direct Cabling Assemblies use true 110? rugged jacketed cable featuring Neutrik Black/Gold XLRs, TRS and DB25 connectors with heavy-duty metal bodies, captive thumbscrews, and gold contacts.

Offering the highest level of reliability in direct equipment-to-equipment interconnects, DB25 Trunks are made of the finest AES/EBU cable using full-size conductors for high durability with a fortified DB25 connector on each end. Wireworks DB25 Trunks are available in five convenient lengths—5, 10, 15, 20 and 25ft.—with other lengths to order.

Wireworks AES/EBU Tails/Tails Fanouts are the perfect solution for AES/EBU equipment requiring direct plugging without BD25 connectors. Fanouts are color-coded for instant identification and are available in standard lengths of 10, 25, and 50ft. with other lengths to order.

“Professionals in the live sound, broadcast, integration and educational industries have depended on Wireworks products for its innovative designs, unmatched quality and user convenience, for the last 30 years,” Krulewicz continues. “Our latest AES/EBU Direct Cabling Assemblies offer exceptional durability, flexibility, and sound quality.”

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