What I'm Using Now: Soft Goods


I cannot stop raving about an item from Atomic Design Studios, the Honeycomb. Besides assembling in a snap, the versatility of this product makes it a dream for event producers. An affordable solution to a more traditional drop, the Honeycombs offered me the flexibility and creativity to try something new for a corporate program launch for attendees from Fortune 500 client companies: suspending the pieces in a raining pattern to suggest a city skyline in relief. Add some LED lighting, and each cube “pops” off the white leno backdrop. Turn the Honeycombs a half-turn, and you have an entirely different look.

The Honeycombs created an intriguing design while maintaining the necessary logistics of stage entrances and screens for I-Mag and PowerPoint. Attendees marveled at the simple yet elegant design. Even the venues were awed at these “paper-like” stars.

Ryan Hanson
Minneapolis, MN

My favorite soft good: Any goods that are already on the correct line-set when going into a show.

Why? They're ready to go.

Where do I use it? Right where it is.

Jeff Dennstaedt, technical director
Guthrie Theatre
Minneapolis, MN

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