What I'm Using Now: Clear-Com HelixNet

Way back in the early 80s, when I was just an angry pre-pubescent little [insert expletive of choice here], and the band The Cure was still sort of underground—but barely underground, since I was starting to see them on Night Flights, and I would occasionally see the video of Love Cats on 120 Minutes—and way back then I started to get into skateboarding. It was all the rage with us little suburban punks, and we were learning the cool moves from movies live Bones Brigade (did anyone ever find Animal Chin?).

When I learned the Russian Boneless, I was king of my cul-de-sac…for a day. It was a total lifestyle. It was Aqua-Net and egg whites for the hair and Vans and a board for the feet. My friends and I got into it, and we knew the lingo and the tricks. Ollie, front-side, Smith grind, fakie, Christ Air. We even started making up our own names for impossible tricks. and our favorite name was the Helix. It is an awesome word to just say. “Dude I just did a Helix then I did a twisted Jesus Helix.”

But times have changed. Now I am older, and the 80s have buried away my youth and left me with no skateboard and no cool lingo, until recently when I came across a new product by Clear-Com. The HelixNet not only speaks to my inner spiky haired self, but it also is an amazing new intercom product. I can’t wait to say, “Yeah man, I got the HelixNet rocking over at my show. I can drop a Helix just about anywhere I want.”

HelixNet is a new intercom product that can use standard cabling, such as microphone cables, Cat5 and fiber to create an intercom system for your show. HelixNet allows for simple setup, management, and use of intercom, and it can be used as a main station, beltpack, digital panel, or wall-speaker unit. In addition, all HelixNet systems can connect to a standard network, without the need to add new wiring, forming a single communications network and allowing connectivity over greater distances.

The HMS-4X is a master station can support four channels and 20 beltpacks. Best of all, HelixNet audio performance is at the same level we have come to expect from Clear-Com. The high signal-to-noise ratio on each system ensures users can hear absolute clarity from the moment each word is spoken. HelixNet is compatible with Clear-Com Encore, RTS 2-wire or partyline and 4-wire matrix wired and wireless systems.

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