Tools of the Trade: SM Pro Audio Jackaroo All-In-One

Jackaroo from SM Pro Audio, is a 2U rackmount, all-in-one cable tester, signal generator, splitter, combiner, and more. It features a variety of front-panel inputs and outputs, including Neutrik XLR, DMX, 1/4" TRS, 1/8" TRS, RCA, 5-Pin MIDI, BNC, RJ11, and RJ45. Any input can feed any output, making it suitable for test cables, splitting signals among multiple devices, separating left/right stereo signals, and connecting equipment with dissimilar I/O configurations. Additional features include transformer isolation, on-board continuously variable passive attenuators with switched bypass, and banana jacks for continuity testing. The unit has a 100Hz/1kHz/10kHz signal generator, selectable output voltage power supply (AC and DC), ground lift, and a monitor speaker. It can function simultaneously as two independent devices, and multiple units can be linked via a standard RJ45 cable.

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