Tools of the Trade: Martin Professional Maxxyz Modules


Maxxyz Modules from Martin Professional comprise five units that can be combined in hundreds of ways to create a complete lighting control system or to expand the capabilities of a Maxxyz PC™, Maxxyz™, or Maxxyz Compact™. All modules can be used table-top, mounted in a 19" rack system, or in the new Maxxyz™ Module Frame. Each module base includes a two-DMX universe port and comes with a built-in Maxxyz PC dongle. The Cerebrum module is a touchscreen computer that runs the lighting software on Windows XP Embedded that controls the Maxxyz Compact. It can also be used as a standalone unit and functions as a backup system for any Maxxyz console, Maxxyz PC, or other Cerebrum module. The Programmer module is the main control unit of a Maxxyz system and can be used with the Cerebrum or with the Maxxyz PC software. The Button module offers up to 30 customizable direct-access buttons. Each row of 10 buttons is individually assignable to cue lists, groups, fixtures, or presets via a press of a mode button. The Submaster module provides an additional 24 handles of controls for cue lists, channels, submasters, or inhibitives. The Playback module adds 10 motorized faders with 15 LCD buttons and a master Go section, extending the playback capabilities. Up to 16 Playback modules can be added to any Maxxyz Cerebrum, Maxxyz console, or Maxxyz PC. The Frame can accept up to two modules of any kind (except the Cerebrum, which only fits in the upper position), making it possible to combine different modules in the same frame.

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