Soap + Light = Audiovisual Display Of Sound

Soap + Light = Audiovisual Display Of Sound

Soap + light = audiovisual display of sound through projections. Huh?

This equation may make some people (ahem, me) want to snap the pencil in half in frustration, but not Dagny Rewera because he has already solved it, and in style, too. 

The Royal College of Art graduate set up three speakers with lights attached to them on brass armatures, according to Dezeen Magazine. Rewera developed an automated system that dips a hoop into a soap solution and then holds it above the speaker. As the speaker begins to emit sound waves, the soap bubble vibrates. A lens hung above the soap magnifies the microscopic vibrations that are not visible to the naked eye. Then, the images are projected onto the ceiling, changing and swirling like a kaleidoscope to the beats of the music.

The colors intensify as the vibrations continue and the water evaporates from the soap solution. Each speaker plays in a different range of frequency so that each image is different. The soap solution lasts about an hour, and if a bubble bursts, then the hoop is dipped again to begin the process anew.  

Watch the video below to see sound visualized.

RCA graduate Dagny Rewera uses soap and light to visualise sound from Dezeen on Vimeo.

For the full article, visit Dezeen Magazine.

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