Record In Real Time With Elation’s DPR 1 and DR 512


Elation Control Systems (ECS) has introduced two digital DMX recorders, the DPR 1 and DR 512, that allow you to copy all the scenes in a light show and then run the entire show at the touch of a button.

"Non-digital DMX recorders copy a light show scene by scene. You could have, say, 50 different scenes, and then have to put them all together," explained John Lopez, national sales manager for Elation Control Systems. "Digital real-time recorders, on the other hand, don’t hold scenes or chases, but instead hold the actual DMX signal. This allows you to copy an entire DMX show in the exact timeframe it was created in. With the DPR 1 and DR 512, all you do is play your show in the sequence you want and record it."

This process helps to eliminate errors during performances, since the operator doesn’t have to string together individual scenes and chases–running the risk of missing a scene or getting a sequence out of order.

The DPR 1 and DR 512 were designed to work with any major brand of universal DMX controller. Each of the units has the capacity to record and store up to four complete light shows into its internal memory. Thirty-three complete light shows can be stored into external memory using Elation’s proprietary 32MB Compact Flash Card. These shows can then be played back directly from the DPR 1 and DR 512, eliminating the need to lug around a heavy DMX console.

The DPR 1 is a tabletop "pocket" recorder, while the DR 512 is a 19" rack mount unit. "The DPR 1 is designed for the person who’s constantly on the go, whereas the DR 512 is designed to fit into rack setups," said Lopez. The recorders are also well suited for the rental market.

Both the DPR 1 and DR 512 come equipped with 1MB built in memory and a 32MB Compact Flash Card Slot for use with Elations proprietary 32MB Compact Flash Card. Lightweight and compact, the DPR 1 weighs 2.25lbs. and measures 8.25"x 5"x 2.5" (H), while the DR 512 weighs 4.5lbs. and measures 19" x 4.75"x 1.75". Other features include a 2x16 character LCD display and 24/25/30 frames SMPTE signal.

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