Rational Acoustics Smaart v7 is Pretty Damned Smart

We are living in some very trying times. We are dealing with our addictions that are causing untold pollution and damage to our planet. Our addiction to convenience is filling landfills with plastic and paper products at an alarming rate as well as the air pollution produced by creating those products. Recycle as we might, the problem is out of control. Our addiction to oil has lead to the worst manmade environmental disaster in history and has completely destroyed my plans for a birthday crawfish boil this summer. Our addiction to cell phones has lead to static-laden noise pollution in our sound systems and may even cause brain cancer, or the radiation could lead to a new breed of superhuman with evolved brains swimming with mitochondria. We will know the results in about 20 years, when it’s too late.

All of this oppressive and upsetting pollution is beyond our control as sound people, but there is one kind of pollution that we can control: bad sound pollution. We need to do everything we can to make sure the noise we allow out of our speakers sounds good and does not increase the level of ugly, ugly sound that is out there filling the air we breathe with mildly distorted dance music at a street fair or mid-less vocals at the local dance recital. Enough is enough, and it is time we do what we can. Rational Acoustics is doing everything it can to give us the tool we need to curb this horrible pollution. They are the makers of Smaart and they have just released Smaart v7.

Smaart is a straightforward and widely used software solution for realtime sound system measurement, analysis, and optimization, and it has been completely rewritten from the ground up. Smaart v7 is multi-channel and multi-platform. It is able to access modern multi-channel input devices and operate native in both Windows and Mac Operating Systems (including 32- and 64-bit versions) and can run multiple, simultaneous Spectrum and Transfer Function Measurements. Version 7 takes advantage of modern processing power, speed, and memory, whether it is one processor or eight. You can run as many simultaneous single-channel (spectrum) and dual-channel (transfer function) measurement engines as your PC will allow.

This version has also reduced unnecessary user interface (UI) clutter. Many of the dialog box-based controls have been replaced with modern “point ‘n’ grab ‘n’ drag ‘n’ click” mouse-based controls. The direct-enter dialogs that we are all used to have not gone away, but they have been moved off of the top level interface. Smaart has been an important staple for the art form for the last twelve years and every new version just makes the software better. Smaart v7 is the kind of tool that every sound person should own.

NOTE: Rational Acoustics will be providing Smaart Training at LDI2010, on Wednesday and Thursday, October 20 and 21, taught by Jamie Anderson. For details: www.ldishow.com

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