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Show Designer 3

Elation Professional

Show Designer 3 is a 1,536-channel console based on the company's two previous versions and capable of controlling three DMX universes (48 moving-light fixtures, up to 32 channels each, and 128 conventional dimmers). New features include a scene preview to view scenes at the touch of a button; the ability to combine scenes and record them as new scenes; a Solo feature that allows scenes to track through or play solo; and the ability to assign scenes, shows, chases, and presets to the playbacks. It comes with a Compact Flash drive, factory-installed colors and gobos, and presets for focus and effects. An 80-character, backlit, front panel display is complemented by four menu and control data wheels, 48 multifunction quick-access buttons, 10mm faders, eight dedicated playback faders with 32 pages, eight flex faders with page selection, pan/tilt joystick with coarse/fine control, grand master fader, and two USB LITE connectors for gooseneck lamps. The front panel also includes Go, Stop, Back, Blackout, Audio, and Beat buttons. The console holds 4,752 programmable scenes, 1,152 chases, 1,152 shows, and 1,152 presets. It can run 16 chases simultaneously. The rear panel includes three 3-pin DMX outputs, three 5-pin DMX outputs, MIDI in port, CF drive, PS2 keyboard input, RS-232 port for PC interface, RCA audio input, and a voltage switch for the 110/220V AC power supply.

Color Split

AC Lighting

Color Split is an LED fixture with large, dual, side-by-side RGBA cells. This configuration allows for the use of a single color or a wide range of split-color effects. The split-beam technology provides an even, soft beam output, similar to a Fresnel fixture, for a smooth color wash without hotspots. A wide-angle lens in one cell evenly washes the lower portion of a surface while a narrow lens in the second cell projects the beam higher. The fixture also has a smooth, linear dimming curve. In addition to RGB and HSI (hue, saturation, and intensity) control modes, the unit also features three-channel RGB (Magic Amber) and four-channel RGBI (Magic Amber) modes that automatically and seamlessly blend amber alongside the RGB LEDs. With a 340-lumen output, the fixture is also extremely bright. It also features a built-in power supply and a choice of control modes: standalone mode featuring 99 selectable effects or connected via DMX. Units can be floor, truss, or wall-mounted and used individually or connected together to provide battens, blinders, footlights, sidefills, cyclorama floods, set piece lighting, or interior architectural lighting.

DX300 Wireless Headset System


The DX300 is a wireless headset solution designed for audio professionals requiring two-channel operation. Featuring the smallest and most lightweight beltpack (BP300) according to HME, the system allows hands-free, simultaneous communication from a basic five-user setup to up to 20 users. A four-wire I/O base interface allows connection to external hardwired intercom systems. It can operate on either electrical AC power or batteries, and features dual-slot diversity antennas. Users can mix and match two types of communicators: the ergonomic beltpack or the all-in-one wireless headset. The system comes with a four-port battery charger and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can be charged in less than three hours and operates in the license-free, 2.4GHz frequency band.



The Èlan features 224 LEDs that create rotating and crisscrossing beams, and, with a 70° beam angle, it provides wide room/floor coverage and mid-air effects. The fixture offers four channels of DMX control (red, green, blue, and strobe), with onboard, preprogrammed color changes and patterns. Separate knobs control sound sensitivity for movement and color independently. By manipulating the dip switches located on the unit, users can control color strobing and movement. The fixture also features master/slave settings and an additional power output that enables daisy-chaining of up to 20 fixtures.

W-DMX BlackBox S-2

Wireless Solution

W-DMX BlackBox S-2 is a dual-universe transmitter designed for the rental and production markets. Two pushbuttons on the front allow operation of two universes along with two DMX inputs, both accepting full-frame and full-refresh DMX. Other features include signal level control and DMX-over-RJ45 and Cat5 cable. The unit is plug and play and provides interference-free operation. Stackable to 19", units can be configured to allow four DMX universes per 19" rack unit with 1U of space. A 2U rackmounting kit is also available, providing DMX I/O and antenna output on both front and back, with termination buttons on the front. Both DMX inputs are isolated with UL-listed circuitries that withstand 1 kV over 1s. Minimal cabling requirements and multiple power input options ensure that the transmitter can be easily incorporated into new or existing installations. A push of the front panel button searches for and links with unallocated receivers. The full W-DMX range has a high-power radio output with up to 350mW, with full support of RDM. All units are CE- and ETSI-certified in Europe and Asia, FCC-certified in the Americas (pending UL), and certified in Japan with ARIB STD-T66 radio standards. The units use Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) and Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS).

XX-HE Series


The XX-HE Series is an exclusive version of the standard XX Series with extra high-temperature-resistant insulator material. Available in male (NC3MXX-HE) and female (NC3FXX-HE) configurations, the three-pole connectors include velour chromium housing and machined-gold contacts. Improved chuck-type strain relief provides higher pull-out force and makes assembly easier and faster. The boot features a polyurethane gland that gives high protection to cable-bending stresses. Colored rings and boots are also available for coding and identification. As with the standard XX Series connectors, the male connector is designed with improved locking recess without “window” for more stringent housing, increasing durability. The female connector has an improved solid metal latch and features additional ground spring contacts for better shell ground continuity.

Nexera DX


The Nexera DX combines a virtually silent color-changing fixture with a dimmer and 24V power supply. Designed to provide color-changing and dimming functions in a single DMX/RDM fixture, the system is RDM-compatible and interfaces with the Wybron InfoTrace control and management system. It is suitable for retrofit installations where centralized dimming is not possible or economically feasible. The unit accepts DMX and RDM signals, allowing for remote addressing and device discovery. The fixture offers dichroic color changing, dimming, and control.

ProTour PT-4


ProTour® PT-4 is a modular LED video system with 4mm line spacing and 22-bit image processing. Its design allows ultra-quiet operation without the need for fans, and it features a high-brightness, high-efficiency LED layout for high contrast. Cast magnesium is incorporated into the front mask and rear housing for durable panels. Each panel houses four modules that can be removed and operated individually or in combination. The product also features three-in-one “black package” surface-mount LED technology, 2,000 nits of calibrated brightness, and a high-contrast mask coating. It also provides a bi-directional signal design to optimize system reliability, active monitoring, and diagnostics. The system uses the V-Tour® controller for setup and control.


DigitalSpot 5000DT

The latest version of DigitalSpot 5000DT includes a picture-merging effect in the field up to 8×8 segments, digital keystoning, a CMY color-mixing system with CTF color-correction filter effect, strobe effect, mechanical iris, zoom and focus, digital iris, and digital framing shutters. Supported video formats include MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, and image formats include PNG, TGA, JPG, and BMP. Additional features include S-Video and VGA inputs; S-Video and composite live video inputs can be used in combination with all the effects of graphic engine.



The PixelArt video batten is a modular LED video product allowing designers to build custom display surfaces from a range of interconnecting modules. The first product in the range is a 6×72 pixel linear batten with 15mm pitch. Data to each module is supplied by industry-standard Cat5 cable that connects to a master control unit and supports a variety of video input standards. Configuration software allows each module to be positioned at any point in the video space.

Mega Series

American DJ

Mega Series is a range of LED washes featuring three fixtures, all using 10mm LEDs: the Mega Bar LED and Mega Panel LED color washes and the ultraviolet Mega Bar UV50. The 30W Mega Bar LED is a 40"-long color bar with 252 LEDs (48 red, 108 green, 96 blue). The 36W Mega Panel LED is a rectangular color panel containing 288 LEDs (48 red, 120 green, 120 blue). Both models offer RGB color mixing. The 20W Mega Bar UV50 is a blacklight wash powered by 126 ultraviolet LEDs. The fixtures can be operated in a variety of modes, including program, auto-sound-active, master/slave, and DMX. Users can choose six selectable DMX channel modes with the Mega Bar LED and seven with the Mega Panel LED. The two washes can also run a wide selection of built-in programs in Auto mode. Multipurpose mounting hardware comes with each fixture. The Mega Panel LED features a bracket that allows the fixture to be mounted on stage trussing or hung from the ceiling. The two-channel Mega Bar UV50 has special brackets that can be mounted directly to the wall/ceiling or simply set on the floor. The Mega Bar LED and Mega Panel LED both include a color strobe effect, electronic dimming from 0 to 100%, a 40° beam angle, and a four-button LCD on the rear panel. The Mega Bar UV50 features a UV flash from slow to fast, full electronic dimming, and a 30° beam angle. The LEDs on all three fixtures are rated at 100,000 hours.

Dura-Flex Cable Upgrade

Creative Stage Lighting

Creative Stage has improved its line of Dura-Flex cable, now featuring higher ratings for oil, flame, crush, and impact resistance. The cable also has higher CSA ratings of 105°C and footage-marker imprints to help determine exact measurements. Dura-Flex was the first entertainment cable to eliminate lead materials and meet RoHS requirements. It is available in multi-cable, DMX, microphone, motor control, and other options with Veam, Socapex, or Neutrik connectors.



Encore is Clear-Com's newest generation of market-leading party-line intercom systems. It offers a more contemporary look with various updates to the user-interface for ease of operation, a new dark-blue body illuminated with LED indicators, and enhanced audio quality. The system's new color and lit elements enable users to see and manipulate the panel's controls more easily in darkened environments.

Victor Followspot

Robert Juliat

Victor is a variant of the Super Korrigan followspot, with 7° to 14.5° optical path (13° to 24° zoom) and compact design but using an 1,800W MSR lamp. Features include silent operating power supply with an automatic circuit breaker, power indicator, and 1.5m power cable; high performance double condenser optical system; and 100% closing high precision iris with adjustable handle and backplate follower. The iris cassette is removable via a single thumbscrew. Additional features include 100% closing douser with fingertip control; six-way boomerang color changer with removable color frames; “A” size universal gobo holder; frost filter on flip lever; 120×120mm internal filter holder; ergonomic wrap around handle; fast-locking adjustable handles for pan, tilt, and iris control; locking knobs for lens adjustment; and a tripod stand with telescoping legs for stability. Available options include DMX control, HMI lamp, push-pull color changer in place of the boomerang, JPP unipod mounting leg, an adjustable yoke; internal frost glass, and glass correction filter. Power is 208VAC, 60Hz at 15A.

Video System Manager

Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions

Video System Manager is an integrated software/hardware solution that enables Video with Light. It converts standard live video signals from a variety of media sources, including media servers, DVD players, camcorders, and personal computers and streams the video content to Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions' LED-based fixtures or nodes, essentially reproducing video effects in a lighting installation. The Ethernet-based Video System Engine is available in a rack-mountable version.

Cue Master

Entertainment Technology

Cue Master DMX Control Stations are designed to offer DMX control from an architectural wall-station. The stations operate in one of three user-selected modes. In each mode, the unit has the option of receiving a DMX signal and adding it to the transmitted DMX signal using Highest Takes Precedence (HTP). DMX Channel Mode provides individual control of up to 16 consecutive channels within a single universe of DMX and 13 preset recall scenes of those 16 consecutive channels. DMX Snap Shot Mode provides 13 scene captures of a single universe of DMX. DMX Submaster Mode provides capture of a DMX signal to any one of four, eight, 12, or 16 submaster channels, depending on the chosen master station. The submaster channel level can then be used with other submaster channels to layer their captured looks. Additional features include a channel intensity LED display with an adjustable LED intensity, adjustable fade rates from instant to 60 minutes with instant override, an auto-cycle mode for five or 13 presets, a custom engraved keypad, a contact closure interface, and the ability to lockout the control station. All stations come with a black finish, a powered back box, and a white color kit.

Alpha Spot HPE 300

Clay Paky

Alpha Spot HPE 300 is a compact moving yoke fixture featuring a 300W Philips MSR Gold 300 FastFit lamp. Features include 15° to 40° zoom, CMY color mixing, color wheel with eight colors plus white, 15 gobos (eight xed, seven rotating), morphing effect, rotating prism, frost, 0 to 100% dimmer on a dedicated channel, iris, and stop/strobe. The unit is extremely quiet and outputs 16,000 lux at 5m.

VectorWorks Spotlight 2008


The newest version of Spotlight features a host of new attributes and enhancements to optimize user workflows, enrich presentations, and facilitate collaboration. Improved beam geometry, the ability to create shutter cuts, and rotatable 2D views are among the newest features. Drawings, digital images, and graphics can be imported and exported with common file formats such as DXF/DWG and PDF, and models can be moved into ESP Vision for visualization and simulation. The entire line of VectorWorks products has been upgraded including Designer, Architect, Landmark, Fundamentals, Machine Design, and RenderWorks.

MM-4XP Miniature Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound

The MM-4XP miniature loudspeaker is the self-powered version of the MM-4 miniature wide-range loudspeaker. It contains all amplification and corrective processing onboard and receives 48V DC from an external power supply on a five-pin Switchcraft EN3 connector that also carries balanced audio. The connector offers small size and protection against adverse environmental conditions. Containing a single 4“ cone driver, the speaker is capable of a 113dB maximum peak SPL output and reproduces an operating frequency range of 120Hz to 18kHz at very low distortion. It is designed to deliver high peak SPL without drawing high instantaneous peak DC current, enabling the use of light gauge cables and long cable runs of up to several hundred feet. It is appropriate for fill and spot coverage, installation in hidden locations, stage lip frontfill, and small portable systems, such as are often needed for corporate AV uses. The speaker can be custom-painted.

easyjob® 4.0

Protonic Software Corp.

Easyjob® event and rental management software is designed to accommodate growing event, production, and A/V rental companies in over 30 countries. Powered by the latest Microsoft SQL database and built on Microsoft .NET technology, new features include sales and purchase order management. The cut-and-paste, drag-and-drop functionality reduces keystrokes for more efficient rental and sales inventory management, labor and transportation planning, and equipment maintenance and repair tracking. An open interface and customizable report designer enable users to personalize the workspace and design quotes, invoices, and other documents. The software also fully integrates with many business applications such as Peachtree, QuickBooks, Windows TAPI, Windows Instant Messenger, and Microsoft MapPoint. The software and related products can be purchased and downloaded directly from the Protonic Software online shop, and upgrades from version 3.0 are also available.

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