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Ion is based on the Eos console in a smaller footprint — 19" wide. Features include dedicated encoders for nonintensity parameter control, a grandmaster, black-out button, and a master split fader. The console also hosts up to six USB fader wings for a total of 200 additional submasters with paging controls. It can support one or two external high-resolution DVI monitors, which can also be touchscreens. The console is available in three basic configurations of 1,000, 1,500, or 2,000 channel/outputs. A networked system can support four discrete control inputs, including a combination of Ion consoles, Ion remote processor units, Net3 remote video interfaces, or PCs running Ion Client Software. Remote control is provided with the Net3 Radio Focus Remote. It can also be used as a remote programming station for an Eos system. When used as a client in an Eos system, it supports the full output of that host Eos system. Software features include 99 cue lists, 4×1,000 palettes (intensity, focus, color, beam), four pageable encoders, user-configurable channel summary or table views, blind spreadsheet views, direct blind access to all record targets from the face panel, offline programming software, and data import from ETC Obsession, Expression, Emphasis, and Strand Show files. The console includes an integral LCD for soft-keys and nonintensity parameter control. It is also RDM-ready and ETCNet2 and Net3 native.

Digital Light Curtain Upgrade


The Digital Light Curtain recently had a major upgrade, now featuring onboard DMX control. Available in six- or eight-lamp versions, it provides a saturated wall of color via tungsten lamps and Rosco Supergel. Integral motors and belt drives provide smooth and silent motion. With the intensity, position, and many other parameters now DMX-controllable from most lighting desks without the need for a Lite Talk interface, the DMX control card features a user-friendly LCD interface, is RDM-compatible, and is also available as an upgrade kit, which can be retrofitted to earlier versions of the Digital Light Curtain.

iW Blast 12 TR

Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions

iW Blast® 12 TR is a new white-light system with variable color temperature and tour-friendly features, including a replaceable lens, protective face cover, standard XLR connectors, and a housing that accommodates various truss clamps. It provides adjustable, color temperature-controllable white light and is designed specifically to withstand stage and set environments. Features include 36 high-intensity warm/cool white LEDs, color-temperature control within the range of 3,000°K to 6,500°K, interchangeable 23° ground lens and 10° clear lens, and control via DMX or a range of Color Kinetics' controllers.


Doug Fleenor Design

Marconi is a wireless DMX solution featuring improved circuit protection, a rugged enclosure with flexible mounting options, isolated DMX output(s), and four troubleshooting indicators: power, assigned, RF link, and DMX. The unit is under license from Wireless Solutions, AB, and compatible with all W-DMX products.

ColorWash 2500E AT


The ColorWash 2500E AT fixture is fitted with the Philips MSR Gold 1200 FastFit lamp and 1,400W electronic ballast for flicker-free operation. The optical system maximizes brightness and features a high-luminous glass reflector. The standard zoom range is 7° to 44°. A front-fitting PC lens option gives a 6° to 35° zoom, and a front-fitting wide-angle lens offers a 75° to 87° range. Color mixing is CMY, plus CTO and two color wheels, each with six slot-and-lock color options, plus open. Each color wheel rotates at variable speeds in both directions. There is an option for random color selection via audio input or for auto-random color selection. The dimmer/shutter unit encompasses the full range of dimming and produces a variable-speed strobe effect of 1 to 12 FPS. The unit is controlled, set, and addressed via Robe's Navigation System. In addition to standard DMX control, the fixture fully supports RDM operation. It also has an Ethernet port, supports ArtNet and ACN protocols, and can operate in standalone mode. The color wheel positioning, zoom function, and dimmer shutter all have 8- or 16-bit resolution, and fans can be operated in either auto or high modes and are virtually silent. Additional features include a built-in analyzer for presetting and diagnostics and three editable programs of up to 99 steps each, programmable via the LCD.

AV2000 Multimedia Cabling


AV2000 Multimedia Cabling is an upgraded cabling system now with HD/SDI capability for multimedia and audio/video projects. The cabling connects multimedia systems through one plug-in. It combines audio, high-definition video, data, and control signals through a hybrid connector that replaces multiple fragile tails and connectors. Components are configured to match customers' needs, and all tails can be terminated to meet system requirements. Access Points can be pre-mounted on gang, rack, wall, or floor box panels and terminated with individual cables, and they can be retrofitted into existing systems. Umbilicals are flex-wrapped cable assemblies terminated on one end with a line-type AV2000 connector; the other end of the cable assembly is configured with a connectorized fan out. Each umbilical is custom-manufactured to meet individual length requirements. Link is a flex-wrapped cable assembly terminated on each end with line type AV2000 connectors. Designed to connect between two AV2000 Access Points, the Link can also be used as an extension to the umbilical for added length and flexibility. Sixteen gauge contacts — used for audio, data, and control signals — are precision-formed brass pin and socket contacts with a proprietary gold plating. To accommodate a wide range of high-performance coaxial cables, specifically sized true coaxial contacts are used. Connectors are keyed to eliminate mis-plugging.

Fiber-Optic Illuminators


Two new fiber-optic illuminators are now available from Wybron. The Transition Fixed Color provides white light and has the ability to be fitted with a specific color slot for an MR16-sized dichroic glass filter. The color filter produces continuous fixed-color illumination with no color mixing. The Transition Twinkle Wheel uses CMY dichroic color mixing and a douser to provide complete control over the light output. The unit also has a standard twinkle wheel. In both products, the light source is separated from the light output, and fiber-optic strands do not conduct UV radiation, allowing nearly heatless illumination. All Transition products are virtually silent and use a 150W, compact UHI light source. All units in the range accept 17- through 34mm common-end fiber bundles and are RDM-compliant.

Design Spot 575E

Elation Professional

Design Spot 575E is a 575W version of the Design Spot 250 hybrid effect, functioning both as a spotlight and a color wash, and offering both frost and iris capabilities in one unit. The variable frost feature takes away the hard edges of a spotlight and converts it to a wash-type fixture. The 24-channel fixture is equipped with a Philips MSR 575/2 SADE 575W 750-hour lamp and a rotating animation wheel. Dual rotating gobo wheels allow a gobo-morphing effect, while the unit includes 12 interchangeable metal and glass gobos, six rotating and six static. Color mixing is via a CMY flag system. With seven dichroic filter colors plus white, the unit can perform continuous variable-speed color scrolling in both directions. Additional features include a true UV filter; a high-output, luminous-parabolic dichroic reflector; 15° to 30° linear zoom system; anti-reflection coating on lenses; a three-facet indexing prism; strobe effect; preset variable/random strobe and dimming pulse effect; and a dual-flag mechanical dimming system. Pan and tilt are at 630° and 540°, respectively. The unit features Elation's Remote DMX addressing capability. A 32-character blue LCD menu offers more detailed user feedback, including showing the operating temperature and a customizable user mode.

Color Web Ethernet Power Supply

AC Lighting

The unit's PSU provides control for up to 20 Chroma-Q Color Web 250 panels, five Color Web 125 panels, or a combination of the two up to 320 pixels. It features an integrated Ethernet port, allowing direct connection to a controller and an integrated switch allowing users to daisy chain PSUs, which can be wall, ceiling, or truss-mounted.

Clay Paky

Alpha Wash 300

Alpha Wash 300 is a compact and quiet wash light with brightness rated at 20,500 lux (12°) at 5m. The CMY system and eight-plus-one color wheel allow limitless colors, and two levels of frost on dedicated channels provide diffusion of the color in a linear and uniform way, including from short distances. A 0% to 100% dimmer on a dedicated channel and stop/strobe effect complete the effects section of this moving-head fixture.


American DJ

LED Bar is a compact bar with four heads, each containing 61 5mm LEDs (21 red, 19 green, 21 blue). The DMX-compatible unit features RGB color mixing, a 30° beam angle, a digital DMX display for setting channels and selecting presets, a color strobe effect, and 0 to 100% electronic dimming. The fixture can also run in three standalone modes: sound active, auto, or static color. It comes with built-in preset programs and color fades. An optional foot controller, the American DJ FC Pad (sold separately), can be used to control color selection, color fades, and black-out. The unit includes a built-in power supply and weighs 7lbs. Using its flexible bracket system, it can be floor- or truss-mounted. Each of the LED Bar's lamps is rated for 50,000 hours of use.

Kabuki G2 Curtain Drop System

Gerriets International

The new design for each Kabuki release mechanism is electronically driven and can safely hold and release loads of up to 110lbs. The new load capacity is close to a 100% increase as compared to existing systems. Mounting options include attachment via carabiner, cable tie, shock cord fastener, shackle, or standard tie line. By rotating the Kabuki release unit 90°, attaching a textile with a small-diameter, flexible tube sewn into a pocket/hem is possible without the need for eyelets or grommets. An optionally available KwikFix Bracket allows the attachment of raw material textile/fabrics, projection screens, and paper directly to the release unit, also without eyelets or grommets. Tensioned material applications are possible. The control system is available in standard configurations of 30 units (three channels x10 units) and 60 units (six channels x10 units), and can operate in standalone or DMX mode. A double-check function verifies that the system is functioning properly, and an end-plug gives feedback to the control system that all cables are properly attached. LED signal lights on the control system unit indicate if each channel is ready. In case of power failure, the release units remain locked.

Jester ML

Zero 88

The Jester ML Series of lighting consoles offers control of up to 30 moving lights. The consoles have effects engines, the ability to store palettes or preset focuses, and use the comprehensive Zero 88 fixture library. The Jester ML24 model also offers direct control of 24 dimmer channels. Playback is either via 24 submasters or through a traditional theatrical cue stack.


Creative Stage Lighting

The Swiveler Folding Stand is a portable, lightweight fixture base for uplights designed to address problems caused by heavier fixture bases. The unit weighs 2lbs. and measures just more than 15" long when folded. With its ½" bolt, it is compatible with many conventional lights and other fixtures, such as the Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12. Its adjustable rubber feet hold the fixture in position, providing stability.



COLORstrip is an LED-fitted strip fixture measuring 38" long and 2.5" wide that can be controlled via four DMX channels, from multiple modes accessible via the control panel, or from an optional LED-FS1 controller. It features built-in programs with automatic and sound-active triggers and provides access to preset RGB mixed colors, including yellow, purple, cyan, and white. The unit is equipped with preprogrammed flash, color chase, sequential color chase, color mixing, and color fade patterns. Auto-sensing capabilities are also built in. The units can also be daisy-chained in multiples and come with two different-sized pairs of brackets, giving users height options for different applications.

IP65-Rated OpticalCon


The OpticalCon® is a ruggedized, fiber-optic connector system that has been upgraded for dust-tight and water-jet protection with an IP65 rating. To achieve a water-resistant IP65 connection, additional seals and gaskets have been employed on the chassis connector and cable ends. For earlier versions of the cable connection systems, an upgrade kit will be offered so it can be combined with the upgraded NO2-4FDW chassis connector or NAO2-4S75W coupler. The new cable ends are 100% backward-compatible and work with all existing chassis installations. This new system is based on a standard optical LC-Duplex connection with an upgrade to the original design to ensure a safe and rugged connection. It enables up to four copper wires to run power or data signals. A special SMPTE Version1 has been optimized for broadcast applications, which provides an additional ground-shell contact. Users can connect a conventional LC-Duplex connector on the rear, which causes the chassis connector to act as a feed-through. The cable connector comes pre-assembled with a choice of three mobile field cables that can be ordered at almost any length.

Micro Series

Wireless Solution

Two new W-DMX Micro products include the BlackBox S-1 Micro Transmitter and the BlackBox R-512 Micro Lite Receiver. The new Micro Series builds upon the full-sized BlackBox range but with less than half the volume of the usual casing. The S-1 Micro includes a full battery backup system and the antenna. The battery backup can be used in two ways, depending on the installation requirements and availability of power. Where power is available but not always reliable, the battery system performs the role of an uninterrupted power supply. Alternatively, in situations where power is difficult to feed to the unit's location, it can provide up to 1.5 hours continuous independent operation from a full charge. When power is available, the units can accept low-voltage inputs in the range of 12 to 24VDC. The internal antenna in both units uses next-generation AIDA® technology to provide extended operational range. All Micro products are housed within an injection-molded plastic case with an inclusive truss holder bracket. On the rear of the case, mounting holes placed at 45° increments allow each unit to be optimally positioned.

Black Steel Gobos


Goboland's Black Steel Gobo is coated with a black, heat-resistant coating that does not burn or peel off under extreme heat. The coating, for which the company has a patent pending for gobo production, minimizes internal reflection, producing a crisp image with no halo effect. Another new product, Goboland Black Hole, is a donut that sharpens gobo projection by removing excess light and lengthening the depth of field. It also has a blackened surface that helps reduce unacceptable reflections in front of the luminaire. It is marked with pop-out stops, equivalent to one to four photographic stops, to enable accurate calculation of between 50% and 94% of light reduction. Black Holes are available in four sizes to fit most fixtures on the market.

TarmLED 4×4


TarmLED 4×4 video tiles come equipped with 3-in-1, 3W SMD-LEDs designed for indoor and outdoor use. Their highly transparent (82%), lightweight, modular, aluminum grid structures can be assembled into various configurations, such as cylindrical shells or wavy surfaces. Individual tiles are interconnected via daisy-chaining and using a single cable that transmits both the necessary drive power and electronic control signals. With low wind distortion and viewing angle of 140°×140°, the video tiles and their interconnections are also fully IP65-compliant and self-contained (incorporating all electronics required for operation). Measuring 418mm × 418mm, each tile has a pixel pitch of 100mm and weighs 28.8lbs. per square meter. Video signals may be provided either via LAN or in the form of DVI signals.

Tetra Contour


The Tetra® Contour LED lighting system is a neon replacement product for border and linear lighting applications, now available with optional color components to help maintain a consistent look during the day when the system is unlit. Light guide colors available include red, orange, yellow, lime green, green, blue, and white. Mixes such as an orange light guide used with a red-orange light engine will produce a vibrant orange color when lit. Currently available LED colors are red, red-orange, amber, green, blue, white, and warm white. Up to 40% more energy efficient than a typical exposed neon system, the system is cool to the touch and provides a bright, uniform appearance and a 330°-wide viewing angle. The weather-resistant system comprises a rigid, optically diffuse, extruded plastic light guide (8' lengths) that can be heated and formed in a shop or on the job site, and a flexible LED light engine (8' lengths) that fits inside the light guide. Installers use standard neon-mounting hardware and Lumination accessories to create a finished appearance. Lumination, LLC is a subsidiary of General Electric Company.



The SD7, only a concept console at the moment, is based around a new digital mixing technology developed at DiGiCo called Stealth digital processing. Stealth is a culmination of embedded FPGA and the new Tiger SHARC from Analog Devices. John Stadius and Soundtracs were the first to use the SHARC for audio mixing, considered the best device for audio DSP and used by many of the leading audio manufacturers. DiGiCo is the first company to use Tiger SHARC.

Vista M1 Playback-Only Control Surface


The ultra-compact Vista M1 Playback-Only Control Surface is designed to work with the Vista software on a Mac or PC. Whether using Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac OS X, it offers the added flexibility of having real hardware to control a show. Features include five configurable playbacks, grandmaster, and dual DMX outputs.

Lightbox OS, New Models


Thematics unveils the Lightbox Operating System, a soft console for the designer who likes to create with a full palette of previsualization tools — sketches, little lights, software, and spreadsheets — with the goal of realizing a fully cued show before load in. It adds capabilities that only rendering software can provide while working with the Lightbox toolbox of fiber-optic lights and RGB wash-light fixtures. It offers software coordination with WYSIWYG, ESP Vision, Capture, and offline editors from many major console manufacturers. It has up to 64 universes of DMX channel control, unlimited cues, groups, a fixture library, an RGB color picker, a DMX interface, and a touchpad magic sheet. It will operate in standalone mode through a variety of off-the-shelf USB/Ethernet devices and a Go button for cue playback. Other system features include a sequencer able to fade, delay, and manage aspects of moving lights; a sound/light generator to input MP3 files and output intensities based on the frequency of the music; an expandable color palette (Rosco, Lee, Apollo, etc.); and DesignerFix for creating new lighting library fixture attributes. New hardware products include Lightbox MSI-p24 LED Illuminator featuring 24 DMX-controllable ports; the Lightbox MSI-p8 LED Illuminator with eight DMX-controllable light outputs designed to act as groups; and Lightbox MSC-p12 LED Controller, custom designed for Color Kinetics iCove, G2, Flex SL, and SLX fixtures.


Eilon Engineering

Ron-StageMaster is a wireless, multi-load-cell, stage-safety device for load control and overload prevention. This laptop-based system is a real-time load-map monitor that can be overlaid on a stage-plan layout, while the user can assign a name to each predetermined group and redefine the group members as required. This enables the user to simultaneously monitor 16 (soon to be upgraded to 32) individual hanging points, summary of several points (groups), and the entire structure. The system is configurable up to 16 load cells per system and to more than one system per site. It enables monitoring all the loads during installation and throughout the entire show, detecting overload and danger, zero, tare, sum, max, and read-out resolution for each load cell or any of the predetermined groups. The downloadable data log of weeks of continuous measurements comprises operator name, time, weight, danger, overload situations, and the total cumulative weight for each group. It enables documentation of each show with detailed report and statistical analysis. The set points may be used for alarming and/or stopping the hoists in overload and underload situations. Battery life is 1,500 hours with optional 110/220VAC operation, and RF transmission range is up to 450'.

CX-18 Console


CX-18 is a moving-light console with 18 faders and one joystick. It gives each fixture 18 channels and can control up to 18 moving lights, strobes, or fog machines. It reserves 144 channels for general lighting and has built-in moving modes: off, pan, tilt, circle, etc. The 18 hot-bank buttons can recall preset performances instantly. The MIDI Control function enables the step following the music rhythm. The performance data can be stored in an SD Memory Card.

AluPAR 64 1,000W


AluPAR® 64 1,000W lamps have been added to the existing aluPAR 56 family. With aluminum reflectors, these weigh up to 50% less than the standard glass PAR lamps. The lamps are available with different voltages and beam angles: very narrow spot, narrow spot, medium flood, and wide flood. AluPAR is an environmentally preferable Ecologic® product. The aluminum parabolic reflector and the front glass lens can be separated into individual components for environmentally preferred waste disposal.

ZED Range

Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath has added three new models to the new range of small-format, USB-equipped mixers for live performance, recording, and production. Following the launch of the ZED-14, the company has added the ZED-420 (16 mono + two dual-stereo channels), ZED-428 (24 mono + two stereo), and ZED-436 (32 channel + two stereo) mixers. Similar to the smaller ZED-14, the four-bus series features the DuoPre padless preamp rather than one preamp handling both mic and line signals. It uses a two-stage design with controlled amounts of gain in each stage. The ZED four-bus series has a responsive 4-band, two swept mids EQ with I/O switch, six aux sends (two pre, two post, two pre/post), four subgroups, direct outputs on each mono channel, separate L/R/M main buses, 100mm long-throw faders, two matrix outputs, and a talkback facility to auxes or L/R/M. The connectors are placed on the top surface for easy plug-in and patching. The construction, with individual circuit boards mounted to the top panel, is identical to the company's professional touring mixers. All mixers feature a USB send and return for PC or Mac recording, playback, and effects; dual stereo input capability; and advanced monitoring facilities. Cakewalk's Sonar LE production software is bundled with the mixers.

MA Series Amps

Martin Audio

MA Series amplifiers deliver 95% of the input power straight into the speakers with a 5% loss dissipated as heat. This enables a reduction in size and weight, and renders the amp efficiency virtually independent of output level. The three new models use pulse width modulation (PWM) technology to achieve higher efficiency. A PWM converter works as a high-frequency sampler, converting the variable amplitude of the input signal into a digital pulse at the output. This is then converted into an analog signal with a patented output filter to help achieve low THD and intermodulation figures. The Switch-Mode power supply ensures the lowest possible weight and contributes to the efficiency. It incorporates power factor correction that maintains a steady current draw on the mains supply. Two-ohm loads may be driven without compromise. The models also feature DSP functionality accessed via the front panel controls and LCD. Limiting, mains current draw, level, and routing can all be controlled, and the amplifier can be remotely controlled and monitored by a PC via an RS-485 interface. An optional DSP card can be fitted to provide additional DSP functionality via onboard SHARC processing. A Smart card can be used to store and load parameters between amplifiers.

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