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DMX D-Fi 2.0


DMX D-Fi 2.0 uses two D-Fi units, eliminating cable runs over distances as far as 120m. Version 2.0 features more assignable frequencies, allowing users to run up to six separate universes inside one venue, and adds options during transmission issues due to signal interference. Multiple units can also be assigned to a single frequency in order to split a signal or cross a vast expanse that would otherwise require long cable runs. LED indicators show operating mode (transmitter or receiver), frequency, and DMX signal transmission, and keyhole slots allow discrete wall mounting.

Accu Spot 250 Hybrid

American DJ

Two new LED-powered moving heads have been added to the Accu Series, the Accu Spot 250 Hybrid and the Accu LED MH. The Accu Spot 250 Hybrid features a 250W discharge lamp with nine 1W LEDs (three each red, green, and blue). It features colorful rotating gobos encircled by moving red, green, and blue LED beams. Users have 0 to 100% dimming control over both the discharge lamp and LEDs. Equipped with 12 DMX channels, the fixture includes independent gobo and color wheels, with seven replaceable rotating gobos plus spot (two dichroic glass gobos), and nine colors plus white. Effects include gobo shake, rainbow color scroll, pulse, and color strobing, and other features include RDMX addressing, auto X/Y repositioning, 360° pan, 265° tilt, and a four-button menu system. It has a beam angle of 15°, with optional 18° beam angle also available.

REDLine 3-48

Robe Lighting

The REDLine 3-48 provides 48 powered Luxeon Rebel LEDs in a linear configuration. Silent operation and saturated colors, with a beam field of 25°, make the unit suitable for concert touring, television, clubs, and events. The patent-pending fixture also features a precision extruded aluminum body, white color balance adjusting, operation in DMX or standalone modes, integrated power supply, and daisy chaining capability.


Nicolaudie Sunlite

S.T.I.C.K. stands for Sunlite Touch-sensitive Intelligent Control Keypad. Intended for wall mounting primarily in architectural lighting applications, sensitive keys enable modification and control of the speed and color of a room's lighting effects. The box integrates a keyboard, almost unlimited memory storage, USB connectivity, and DMX control. For demanding applications, users can interface additional devices such as contact closures, audio input, RS232, Ethernet, or cordless remote control. Box-color, software name, and logo customization are all available.

ELED Tri-64B PAR Can


The ELED Tri-64B PAR Can is a DMX-compatible fixture built with Elation's tri-color RGB LED technology and equipped with 18 LEDs. All of the unit's 18 lenses contain a combination of three 1W RGB LEDs, eliminating multicolor shadows, mixing colors smoothly, and yielding an even field of light. The unit does not contain any white or amber LEDs and is suitable for stages, concerts, displays, and exhibits. The unit draws 70W of power and is rated at 50,000 hours. Additional features include flicker-free operation, 0 to 100% electronic dimming, strobing, six built-in programs, and 35 color macros. The fixture operates in one of six DMX modes or without a controller in Sound Active Mode, Macro Mode, or Auto Mode. Multiple units can also be linked together master/slave via XLR data cable, and the unit also offers 5- and 3-pin DMX connections.

LightConverse Upgrade

Light Converse Ltd.

LightConverse has undergone a major software update. New features include a high quality rendering engine with up to a 200% performance boost for light and camera movements; transparent surfaces lighting; high resolution Showgun visualization; 3D visualization of Pangolin Laser's Ethernet stream; and a speed boost for rendering large quantities of same-type objects. Additional enhancements include a widescreen optimized GUI with increased 3D window size; ability to work in imperial or metric measurements; additional fixtures, trusses, and identities added to database libraries; and Art-Net II compatibility.




Ifoundasound is a free program for searching in large, file-based sound archives that organizes large sound effects collections on a hard drive. The program searches the hard drive for sounds and builds its own index of all the files and their properties, providing a way to search, instantly audition, and drag-and-drop files into any audio software or work folder. Search results are based on the filename. Developed by sound designers working at Det Norske Teatret in Oslo, the application reads WAV and MP3 files with support for broadcast WAV files and ID3 tags and can handle large archives of thousands of audio files. Searches return results in less than one second. The program has a simple editor that lets the user extract separate parts from audio files. Custom tags can be added to files for filtered searches, and the software works in network configurations, sharing one archive/program on many workstations.

UR1M Micro-Bodypack


The UR1M Micro-Bodypack is roughly half the size of most standard bodypacks and weighs 3oz. with two AAA batteries. Operating on Shure's UHF-R® wireless microphone system platform using the latest version of Wireless Workbench software, the device uses the patented Shure Audio Reference Companding technology to deliver a 60 to 75MHz tuning range (region dependent). Tunable in 25kHz increments and providing a total of up to 3,000 selectable frequencies, the unit also offers selectable 10mW or 50mW RF power, up to nine hours of battery life, audio level metering, and a backlit LCD display. Each circuit board is specially treated to enhance sweat resistance and durability, and the unit features a choice of TQG or Lemo-3 connectors and selectable alkaline, lithium primary, or NIMH battery curves for accurate power metering.

RS15 Omni/Cardioid Subwoofer


Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. offers the Nexo RS15 low-profile, high-output, modular, scalable bass cabinet. The first in the RS (Ray Sub) Series, it is capable of operating in both omni-directional and cardioid modes. Comprised of a 15" transducer with a frequency response of 35Hz to 200Hz in omni or 35Hz to 150Hz in directional mode and a sensitivity of 105db SPL, the subwoofer is suited for system installations and touring. The patent-pending cabinet offers directive subwoofer coverage from a standard bass reflex architecture. Simply turning the cabinet vertically or horizontally will change its characteristics from omni to cardioid. Digital signal processing, via NX242-ES4 TDcontrollers, enables the sub to display precise cardioid pattern control through the DSP-processed correlation of acoustic distances between transducer and vent sources. These sources are linearly positioned in the output direction of the cardioid pattern. Since the sub does not face the same direction in omni and cardioid mode, in cardioid mode the sidewalls act as the cabinet's front and rear face, and its cardioid LF and VLF energy propagates from only one end of the enclosure, rather than from the front face, regardless of whether speaker cones are positioned on the side or top.


1:4 and 1:8 HDMI Cat5 Distribution Amplifiers


1:4 and 1:8 HDMI Cat5 Distribution Amplifiers are rack-mountable units that enable the extension of HDMI audio and video beyond its specified limits over industry-standard Cat5 cable. Both include a sender unit that performs a seamless split of one HDMI input with delivery to multiple displays. Users have the option of ordering small, individual receivers for remote displays that must be placed a distance from the source. Signals can travel up to 300' at resolutions to 1080i, and up to 150' at resolutions to 1080p. Multi-channel audio is delivered alongside the video using two Cat5 cables that connect the HDMI source (sender) to the display (receiver). Both sender and receiver units are powered to ensure a high quality HDTV signal complete with HDCP compliance at both short and long range distances. If users opt to connect the HDMI displays directly to the sender, no additional power is needed. The distribution amplifiers come with HDMI connection cables, including a 6" cable that connects the HDMI source to the sender and multiple 1" cables that link the sender to the HDMI displays connected locally.

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