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The Vision 575 is a high-output DMX512 scanner with many features including two motorized gobo wheels with a total of 11 fixed gobos plus six interchangeable 26.9mm indexable gobos. The gobos can be overlaid on top of one another. The fixture also includes 11 dichroic filters plus white and, for added variation, 3200K, 5600K, UV, and frost filters. Other features include a rotating three-facet prism and variable strobing at 1-10 flashes per second. In addition, the fixture features a four-digit LED menu panel for addressing, personality setting, and effects calibration; the display also provides readouts on lamp usage, DMX values, and other pertinent information. There's also a built-in self-test mode for all effects.
Elation Professional
Los Angeles, CA
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High End Systems introduces the Catalyst, which combines video projection and automated effects lighting. The Catalyst is an orbital movement system that mounts to the front of a video projector. It allows static images or moving video to be projected anywhere within a 360°×180° area. Images can be manipulated in real-time from a standard lighting control console via DMX512.

The unit includes the orbital movement system, a video processing computer, and the accompanying control and effects software. It can also be used with most high-powered single-lens video projectors. The Catalyst was developed for High End by UK design company Wynne Wilson Gottelier (WWG) and is set to begin shipping this month.
High End Systems
Austin, TX
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The new LP-X24 console has features that include color, beam, focus, and intensity presets with individual fade times for each attribute. It is a moving-light console with fader and keypad access to dimmer channels. Cross programming allows users to quickly program both intelligent lights and dimmers in an on-the-fly live performance or theatre environment. The LP-X24 has 20 pages of preset playbacks and the ability to run six cue lists at once that include both moving lights and dimmers. Also, the LP-X24 can take any sequence of preset looks (moving light and dimmer) and turn them into a chase with the touch of a button. Audio and MIDI triggers allow chases to run to the beat of the music.
Hamburg, MI
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The Art2000-US 20A digital dimmer has been specifically designed for the American market. The system features a mains patch with four sockets per dimmer channel (for a total of 192) to 162 patch cords connected to 24 socapex and 12 stagepin outlets. All patch cords are numbered, color-coded, and use the 32A-rated multi-lam contacts. The mains connection is via five-wire Cam-lok inputs complete with Cam-lok loop outlets. The rack system is supplied with voltage and current metering for all phases and neutral. Other features include onboard channel or memory control, noise suppression to studio specifications, dual DMX input and full soft-patching capabilities.
Powell, TN
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Ott-Lite Technology introduces its VisionSavers line of lamps and fixtures designed for computer users and anyone working in an environment that requires visual or color acuity. Developed over 40 years of research by photobiologist Dr. John Ott, the lamps' blend of phosphors and wavelengths replicate natural daylight (CRI 91); they are available in 17 and 20W bulbs to fit standard incandescent sockets and in 18" to 96" tubes to fit standard fixtures. The VisionSavers line, in a variety of desk, clamp-on, and floor models, eliminates glare from computer screens, providing a better environment for reading and working. CNN uses Ott-Lite products in its makeup room and Antiques Roadshow appraisers use them to inspect items.
Ott-Lite Technology
Tampa, FL
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The Goboram II is the newest rotating gobo changer from Wybron. Like its predecessor, the Goboram II can change, index, and rotate three different gobos, allowing the user to achieve more effects from stationary lights. It is designed to work with ETC Source Four and Altman Shakespeare 600 ellipsoidals. Changes and spins are programmed as show cues, just like color changes.
Colorado Springs, CO
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The ispot from Coemar is billed as a response to the need for a more professional 150W automated yoke fixture. Based on the Philips MasterColor CDM150SA lamp, the ispot is designed to offer brightness comparable to most 250W fixtures but with lower heat and less current draw. Other features include heat-dissipating cold mirror reflector, 6,000-hour lamp, geared indexing on all glass and metal patterns, continuous rotation color wheel, internal storage of up to 144 scenes with master/slave playback capabilities, high-definition optics (five lens, achromatic coated system), programmable focus, standard wide beam angle with very even field, and fast 16-bit movement.
Hollywood, FL
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New from Robert Juliat is the Provence range of MSR 1200 profiles and followspots using SX optics. The new range of products is available in three different zooms and with or without a mechanical dimmer. There is also a choice of a magnetic power supply or a 120/240VAC electronic power supply. The first product out is the Marius followspot. Marius has an 8.5-16° zoom range and uses the MSR 1200-MSR 1200/2 or the MSD 1200 G22 lamp from Philips, or the HSR 1200-HSR 1200/2 G22 lamp from Osram.
SSP International
Cheshire, CT
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GrandMA ultra-light is a compact lighting console that offers 1,024 control channels (two DMX lines) and most of the software and programming features of the grandMA Light console. Other features include one full-color TFT touchscreen, 10 manual executor faders, 10 executor buttons, four encoders, and one multifunctional trackball. Two desks can be linked for full tracking backup or playback tracking in order to increase the channel count.
MA Lighting
Agoura Hills, CA
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Kajo Company presents an anti-slip, glow-in-the-dark adhesive tape that adheres to surfaces around the stage and theatre. It is available in rolls from 3/4" to 24" widths or pre-cut strips.
Kajo Company
Chandler, AZ
[email protected]
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The Giotto Spot 400 is the latest addition to the Giotto range, a moving-head fixture designed and built specifically for large shows, theatres, TV studios, and entertainment venues. Features include variable zoom, which enables linear beam angle adjustment for 9-24°; flicker-free electronic ballast; bright, stabilized beams and lighter fixture weight; and a linear diaphragm which allows the user the set the beam width. The unit uses a Philips MSR 400HR discharge lamp and dichroic reflector, which allows for maximum temperature reduction.
SGM Electronica
Tavullia, Pesaro, Italy
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SoloSpin is an addition to the TwinSpin double pattern rotator family. It rotates a single pattern, steel or glass, and, like the TwinSpin, slides into the drop-in iris slot of an ETC Source Four, Altman Shakespeare, or Strand SL unit. The SoloSpin is available in several models, including fixed- or variable-speed versions; it can be controlled from any dimmer or DMX signal, depending on the job requirement. It is also billed as extremely quiet, reliable, and suitable for continuous operation in display or theme park environments. The SoloSpin is housed in a stainless steel body and features high-temperature drive belts and a snap ring.
GAM Products
Hollywood, CA
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New from Lite-Puter are the DX-401A and DX-402A DMX four-channel dimmer packs. Features include standard DMX signal, three-pin XLR connectors or RJ11 phone jack for DMX input and output, LED display, DMX start address setting, channel dimming text, and 256-step dimming resolution. The units are good for both truss mounting and desktop operation.
Taipei, Taiwan
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