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V1-HD-2K High Definition Video Server

Doremi Labs

V1-HD-2K features dual-link HD-SDI and synchronized two channel playback for 3D, video plus key, and super-widescreen applications. It records and plays SD and HD-SDI video and features high quality JPEG2000 video compression. The included hot-swap drive provides up to six hours of storage. The unit can function as a Sony 9-pin device via its RS-422 port.


Pandoras Box Version 4.0

Version 4.0 of Pandoras Box includes new software features and three new hardware configurations: Media Server Pro features 16 video and 32 graphic layers, with 2TB of redundant RAID hard disk space; Media Server STD has eight video and 16 graphic layers, with 1TB of redundant RAID space; and Media Server LT features four video and eight graphic layers, with 500GB of RAID space. All version 4.0 servers feature realtime performance, a built-in user front panel interface, and integrated Softedge and HD Playback. Options include SMPTE, DMX, and RS-232 interfaces, as well as SD-SDI input boards and HD-SDI boards. The Media Player is also now available in two versions — Media Player Pro, and Media Player STD — while the Media Manager is available in three — Pro, STD, and LT, with varying timeline features. A new Sensor Link is designed for custom installations that require integration of industrial encoders, distometers, analog potentiometers, and contact closures. Additional upgrades include PB Automation, a software development kit for third-party integration that provides direct access to all sequence controls as well as all device parameters, effects, and presets. Pandoras Box Spark is a free add-on that acts as a remote TCP/IP device that can be installed as a remote control service on any Windows XP PC. It enables any coolux timeline to initiate local commands on the target computer. In cooperation with Switzerland-based partner sonic emotion, an optional multichannel audio plug-in integrates up to 24 channels of synchronized audio channels to the Media Manager and Media Vision.

1:5 Splitter For HDMI v1.3


Gefen introduces a 1:5 Splitter for HDMI v1.3 and a 1:10 HDMI v1.3 Distribution Amplifier. The 1:5 Splitter accepts one audio/video input, such as a DVD player or set top box, and transmits the same signal to five displays. The 1:10 HDMI v1.3 Distribution Amplifier transmits one HDMI source to 10 displays. Both units can accommodate larger distributions when daisy-chained with another splitter. All high-definition resolutions are supported from 480p up to 1080p. Both solutions enable simultaneous distribution of one high-definition audio/video signal to multiple HDMI displays. The expanded HDMI version 1.3 format allows for optional color and audio refinements along with an increased bandwidth that ensures the highest signal quality possible from high-definition video delivered using HDMI. Both units are rackmountable.

dvMatte Pro 3.0 Studio


dvMatte Pro 3.0 Studio chroma-keying software is now available for Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 and Apple Motion 2 or higher. Utilizing Apple's FxPlug technology to combine chroma-keying with Graphics Processing Unit acceleration, version 3.0 allows Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion users to remove green and blue screen backgrounds from digital video, high definition video, or high definition footage in realtime. It uses color and luma information to create clean edges. With a 3 Pass, super-fast keyer, the software uses a color difference keyer, a hybrid luminance keyer, and an edge protection keyer, allowing the software to produce very smooth mattes. Additional features include built-in spill suppression to knock out background and spill; a color matching plug-in to match foreground and background color; built-in edge blending; built-in light wrap plug-in; and a new screen fix plug-in for hard-to-key images.


Diffused RGB And Color Jacket Mini NeoFlex

Rose Brand

Diffused RGB and Color Jacket Mini NeoFlex are “green” LED alternatives to neon lighting for architectural, signage, or decorative applications. Diffused RGB is a 120V color mixing and changing product offering the physical advantages of NeoFlex with several standalone color control options and DMX protocol capability. At 120V, it is available in amber, blue, green, red, orange, cool white, and warm white. Color Jacket Mini NeoFlex at 24V, designed for tight radius installations, is available in yellow, blue, green, red, orange, and cool white. Rose Brand is the exclusive US distributor of NeoFlex lighting.

Design LED 60 Strips

Elation Professional

Design LED 60 Strip and Design LED 60 Strip WA are approximately 6'-long LED strip lights suited to lighting stages, runways, cycs, walls, exhibits, or video production sets. Each model contains 60 high-output 1W Luxeon LEDs, arranged in 20 groups of three red, green, and blue LEDs in the RGB version, and two white and one amber in each grouping on the WA version, yielding white light color temperature control from 3,200°K to 5,600°K. Using a DMX controller, the RGB version can produce an infinite range of colors, while the WA model transitions from warm to cool white. Several DMX modes are available for each unit, including up to 63 channels for the RGB version. Each consumes 140W of power, and both feature a built-in power supply. Other features include flicker-free operation; 100,000-hour rating; eight built-in programs with speed control; strobe effect; sound control via built-in microphone; master/slave operation; 80° beam angle; and 0 to 100% dimming. A mounting bracket with a safety eye-hook is included with each model.


Artistic Licence

Housed in a DIN-Rail enclosure, Rail-Flip can switch four universes of DMX between two inputs. In automatic mode, the product senses data on one input. If the DMX signal stops on any universe, the other input is selected. Detail configuration allows the ordering of data returning on the first input. The unit can also be switched manually, allowing it to act as a source selector between different lighting positions. Cascading increases the number of universes. Status and data indicators show both data activity and switch status. Electromechanical relays ensure that the product will fail-safe in the event of power loss.

Showbiz® CSR575/SS/DE/75


Showbiz® CSR575/SS/DE/75 is a double-ended metal halide lamp with hot-restrike capability and daylight color temperature. Measuring 92mm long with a short arc gap of 5mm, it offers a variety of features to create daylight color temperatures for stage productions, concerts, architectural lighting, or venues requiring moving lights or intelligent lighting fixtures. The lamp features a color temperature of 7,500°K, a 70-plus color-rendering index, and a rated life of 750 hours.

Inground Lite


Inground Lite is a color-changing RGB LED fixture that can be installed in the ground and used for uplighting applications. Equipped with three, high-power 1W Luxeon LEDs — red, green, and blue — it features an IP67 rating and is controlled via an Acclaim Ray Control LED Driver that can be used with or without a standard DMX controller. The Ray Control Driver can run up to 36 Inground Lites in six zones of independent control. When the driver is used on its own, users can access seven built-in preset programs with eight selectable fade times and chasing speeds. A DMX controller provides additional options for mixing colors and creating customized programs. Rated in excess of 50,000 hours, the unit draws 5W of power at full RGB intensity. Made of aluminum with a stainless steel bezel, it can operate in temperatures from -20°C to +50°C. An Inground Sleeve Kit is an option for pre-wire construction installation. The unit is CE-listed, with a power requirement of 350mA constant current at 24VDC, and comes with a standard 10° beam angle. Optional 25° and 45° angles are also available. The entire unit, including the aluminum housing and plastic sleeve, is 6" deep.

Martin MAC 2000 Wash XB

Martin Professional

The MAC 2000 Wash XB is an extra-bright 1,500W Fresnel featuring a CMY color mixing system and based on the MAC 2000 Wash. A 1,500W Osram lamp outputs over 60,000 lumens, depending on the lens option. A new electronic ballast offers hot-lamp re-strike and flicker-free operation, and new fans are on board, as well. The same optical train, effects, and housing from the 2000 are employed, and a reduced 1,200W mode allows matching with other fixtures. Additional features include two four-position (plus open) interchangeable color wheels; continuously variable color correction system; motorized zoom; variable and smooth dimming; strobe effects; and an optional dimming wheel. PC, Fresnel, and multi-array lenses come supplied with a micro-Fresnel lens for a tighter beam available as an accessory. The zoom lens can be removed for a hyper-mode that gives a fixed beam of over 60,000 lumens. An upgrade kit is available for existing MAC 2000 Wash fixtures to bring them to the XB level. Martin also offers a buy-back program.

Road Hog Wings And Software Bundle

High End Systems

New Road Hog Programming and Playback Wings for Wholehog control systems — Wholehog 3, Road Hog Full Boar, Hog iPC, and Hog 3PC — include a programming or playback surface, 12" color touchscreen, blue LED marker lights, and a DMX output expansion slot. The wings can be expanded to output four universes of DMX when used with a PC-based Wholehog product. In addition to the new wings, all new network-capable consoles will now include a trial edition of ESP Vision and VectorWorks Spotlight + RenderWorks. This visualizer and CAD software combination allows customers to pre-visualize lighting designs prior to connecting the console to a full system.

CycLite LED


CycLite LED is a digital cyclorama featuring a patented optical system designed for theatres, live events, and television applications. Three unbound rotating bars — motorized in the two-cell version — allow symmetric or asymmetric light output, with linear adjustment of incidence angle. The unit is equipped with 96 (48 in CycLite LED SC, the single-cell version) high-output 1.2W LEDs. A combination of white and RGB LEDs provides color mixing or full white, as well as dimming, a strobe effect, and precision adjustment. The unit is housed in a durable mechanical frame and can be mounted via its Camlok hooks or stood on the floor. It is also available in outdoor IP65 weatherproof version.


RC4 Wireless

W-DIM is a W-DMX-enabled product line and part of the W-DMX OEM program, bringing W-DMX connectivity to a complete system for low voltage, battery operated lighting, motors, and more. The first W-DIM for W-DMX product will operate from 6V to 30VDC and provide four outputs of 200W each in a compact package. The system uses a high-efficiency switching power supply and high-frequency pulse-width modulation dimming, resulting in minimal heat and power loss. Dimmer outputs feature thermal and overload protection, and under most fault conditions, individual dimmers will disable themselves until the problem is corrected.


G3000 Fog Effects Generator

Le Maitre Special Effects, Inc.

The G3000 fog effects generator is powered by a 2,000W dual core heating block using the manufacturer's Rapid Change Technology for continuous output. Features include low fluid detection, LSG compatibility, DMX compatibility, RDM-readiness, and a detachable digital remote. It is constructed with a stainless-steel body and includes a 1-gallon fluid holder.

MR5 Roof


Milos' largest roof system to date, the MR5 is based on MR3 Roofs. Designed for large indoor and outdoor events needing excessive space, headroom, and weight-loading, the roof combines M950 QuickTruss with six MT3 towers, for maximum dimensions of 91.2' (27.8m) wide by 58.3' (17.8m) deep, with 44.3' (13.5m) of headroom. Maximum loading is 15 tons. The only tool needed to assemble the system is a mallet. The roof is supplied with roof canopy, a full set of safety wires, and Milos' helper tool for the towers. Side skins or nets are optional.

SceneControl 500 Offline

JR Clancy

Offline editing is now available for the SceneControl 500 automated motion control system. Scenic designers can prepare the SceneControl 500 by downloading a show from the console to a laptop computer and using the 3D interface to select battens and key in dimensions for each piece of hanging scenery. Users can then upload JPEG files of the scene on each drop. When the edits are completed, the show can be loaded onto a flash drive and uploaded to the console through a USB port.


Flex Array


Flex Array is a medium-scale professional sound reinforcement system that combines elements of Turbosound's patented point-source system with line-array technology for a loudspeaker that can be used in either line-array or point-source configurations, with the ability to rotate the mid/high waveguide within the enclosure. Using a patent-pending Dendritic horn and all-neodymium drive units, the system is fully arrayable with flywear integrated into the box for rapid setup with no external parts. It can also be used with external yokes and brackets for semi-permanent and fixed installations. The bandpass low frequency cabinet utilizes a high power neodymium 18" drive unit and can either be flown with mid/highs or ground-stacked. Digitally self-powered versions with integrated lightweight Class D amplifier modules are also available.

Vi Series Upgrade


Vi Series digital live sound consoles now support multiple stage boxes, so a digital patchbay can be created where the engineer can select the 64 inputs to a Soundcraft Vi6 (or 48 on the Soundcraft Vi4) from a selection of inputs available on any of the connected stage boxes. With two stage boxes connected, for example, there are 128 inputs from which to select; with three, there would be 172, and so on. The stage box is the main input/output interface for the system, with up to 64 mic/line inputs and 32 line outputs available, or AES/EBU digital cards can take the place of mic/line I/Os. Shows can be set up and configured using the new Vi Offline Editor and then downloaded to the console from a USB memory drive. All routing, naming, EQ, and dynamic settings can be pre-configured offline. The editor can also be configured to control the DSP core in the absence of the control surface, and thus can provide control of audio in an emergency. LD

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