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Pearl Tiger


The Pearl Tiger is a streamlined, 10-roller, playback version of the Pearl suited for small theatres, conferences, schools, small- to medium-scale productions or production companies, tours, venues, and nightclubs. It is fully show-compatible with all Pearls. With 2,048 channels to 240 moving lights on four isolated DMX outputs, features include theatre playback, timecode, and MIDI triggers; 10 playback sub-masters, expandable to 15 with external playback wing; built-in fixture library; ability to save multiple shows to internal Flash disk or external memory stick; and a color LCD VGA screen.

Antari M-5 Fogger

Elation Professional

The new Antari M-5 Fogger is a 1,500W, DMX-compatible touring stage fogger that combines heavy-duty durability with a high-capacity 2.6 gallon (10-liter) tank and a stage-friendly case design. Featuring a unique low-profile, level rectangular case, it is designed to lay flat on a stage floor securely and unobtrusively, and it includes two oversized handles. Ready in eight minutes, the 1,500W heater can produce 20,000cu-ft. of fog per minute, while the ECO thermal control system and patented Unicore heater technology ensure the fog is high quality. This system uses a highly sensitive electronic thermostat that can detect slight drops in temperature. The heater will then restart automatically to maintain a thin, consistent fog output. An electronic Thermal Cut-Off automatically shuts down the pump when the fog fluid level runs low. Additional features include Italian-made piston pumps, cast-aluminum heater blocks, and a timer remote. Available optional accessories include a wireless remote and a heavy-duty flight case.

Cell VJ Software

Livid Instruments

Realtime video software designed for instant playback and performance, Cell provides a touchscreen interface with tuning effects and control. Features include realtime effects, live video input, large clip libraries, and playback manipulation such as scrubbing, speed, loop, and reverse play. Designed for users doing multiple tasks such as lighting and video design, the software allows video to be switched, cross-faded, sequenced, or radically transformed with effects. MIDI integration allows it to be controlled with almost any MIDI device on the market. Resolution-independent GPU processing optimizes output quality. Cell also ships with free video clips to start mixing right out of the box, and sets of 36 Clip Bank Refills can be purchased from the manufacturer. It is available for both Mac OS X and Windows XP; a free demo can be downloaded at the company's Website.

PixelDrive V. 2

Radical Lighting

PixelDrive 2 is the latest version of this pixel-mapping software. The most significant new feature is the addition of a video output for driving LED devices and services such as curtains, screens, tubes, webs, etc. A new fixture creator allows the addition of new profiles for color-mixing fixtures. A Personal Edition (PE) is also available, which incorporates all of the new functionality and features but with a lower price tag. The full version has been rolled into Radical's NG Series of media servers. Show files from PixelDrive PE or from Radical Lighting's other entry-level product, VideoDrive, can be imported into any NG system. The software can be used as a plug-in to any NG modules. The evaluation version is now available for download, and the Personal Edition is available for purchase.

PS 450i Power Supply


The PS 450i is a permanent-install, RDM-compatible power supply modeled after the PS Series of power supply products. It is compatible with Wybron's Nexera and Forerunner, as well as all of the company's InfoTrace System products, including the Coloram IT, CXI IT, Eclipse IT, and Eclipse II IT. The supply is designed to mount to a wall or Unistrut, and has multiple conduit knockouts. All connections are on terminal blocks with separate blocks for main power and low voltage/data. It differs from other PS Series power supplies by using three discreet 150W, 24V outputs. The power supply is UL-listed.

Arena Hazer


The Arena Hazer is a water-based hazer designed to create a large, continuous, and evenly diffused field of haze. It features continuous output of up to 20,000 CFM. To aid in diffusion and distribution, it has an integral fan and an auxiliary external squirrel cage blower to adjust the speed and orientation of the haze. The system is housed in a wheeled road case that provides access to the control panel and refilling. Also included are DMX control capability (for output adjustment, fan speed, and blower speed), a wired remote control, and 1.4-quart onboard fluid container.

Series D Softbank Kits


Series D Softbank Kits are designed for use with modern digital video cameras. ARRI re-evaluated its Series D Lighting Kits and improved handling and mobility by providing wheels as an option on the cases. Previously, wheels were only attached to the company's heavy-duty cases. Rugged-nylon rollerblade wheels withstand the abuse of production demands, while molded protection bumpers and the reinforced wheelbase provide durability. The total wattage has been reduced for these more light-sensitive cameras with no loss of control or light quality.

Show Pro Lighting In A Box


Lightronics has combined two of its lines, the Show Pro Series and Lighting in a Box, providing users with the ability to have a moving-light console paired with convenience of everything required for a performance in one box. Three packages are available. The LB-01 includes an SM-192 console and SD-4102 dimmer, four PAR38 fixtures, four 150W lamps, four color gels, and a 25' mic cable and 9' stand. The LB-02 package includes a SM-192 console and two SD-4102 dimmers, eight PAR38 fixtures, eight 150W lamps, eight color gels, two 25' mic cables, and two 9' stands. The LB-05, which is an add-on to the LB-01 and LB-02, includes an SD-4102 dimmer, four PAR38 fixtures, four 150W lamps, four color gels, a 25' mic cable, and a 9' stand. These packages are portable and self-contained.

Globe Color, Quad Color, Verti Color, And LED Cube

American DJ

The Globe Color, Quad Color, Verti Color, and LED Cube are all LED- and DMX-compatible units capable of producing thousands of colors via RGB mixing. Three of the units — Quad Color, Verti Color, and LED Cube — are flat panel-type fixtures. LED Cube is a 24"×24" LED panel that can be linked together in multiples and mounted on a wall, ceiling, or floor to create a surface of colored light. It can also create swirl-type color effects using the proprietary LED Cube/C Controller (sold separately). Quad Color is a compact RGB color-changing LED panel for smaller spaces. It features four DMX channels and can be daisy-chained via DMX. Verti Color is a long vertical strip of eight Quad Color panels. The unit can be operated in five DMX modes (6, 9, 15, 24, and 27-channel). It features color strobing and 0-100% electronic dimming. Globe Color is a spherical LED lamp that can be hung from a ceiling. Used in place of conventional lights, the RGB color-changing fixture is equipped with four DMX channels and can also be run in sound-active mode.

SlimDim SD2


The SlimDim SD2 is a 2 × 1.2kW distributed dimming system that complements the original 6 × 1.2kW SD6 SlimDim. It is designed for fixed or portable applications, including for stage or studio plug-in boxes mounted in the grid, on the wall, or as a dimmer drop box; the unit can easily be moved. With all of the same features as the SlimDim SD6, it provides dimmer patching via an LED to any DMX number. Other features include universal dimmers for incandescent, fluorescent, and non-dims; min/max levels per dimmer; over-temp; and DMX indicators. Focus check and other diagnostics are also provided. Power input is 120VAC single-phase with flush or pigtail-mounted twist-lock, stage pin, or parallel blade output receptacles.

Congo Light Server


Congo Light Server is a device capable of being a server, client, or backup in a Congo system. It is a 19" rackmount device, packing the identical features, channel, and output counts as the Congo console into a compact, purpose-built enclosure. Running Congo's operating software, the server is a fully independent lighting playback controller for permanently installed applications or an option for backup. The unit's 20-button face panel offers access to the most-used commands for channel selection, playback and screen navigation. A USB connector on the front panel makes for easy show loading and storage. A bright LED-illuminated power switch indicates the unit is powered on, while six LED indicators on the front panel indicate the status of the unit. I/O on the rear panel is the same found on the Congo jr console: 2 x DMX, MIDI in/out, phone remote, Ethernet, serial, USB, remote trigger, and more. The unit uses the same software as Congo and Congo jr, has the same system capacities as the consoles, and includes two DVI/VGA monitor outputs. The base unit ships with two universes of DMX output and can be upgraded for up to 12 universes of output in the same manner as Congo and Congo jr. Software features include multiple formats for channel views, including graphical mchannel layouts; multiple sequences (cue lists); trigger/action event system for automating playback functions via serial communication; MIDI, MIDI timecode, and MIDI show control support; contact closure interface for go, pause, back, and master 40 activation; client/server networking and synchronized backup; show import via ASCII.

New Spandex Shapes

Rose Brand

Rose Brand has increased its stretch-shape product line by adding a constellation of star shapes to its inventory. Productions can add FR Spandex star forms including red/white/blue; five-point stars; or Gemini, Corona, Vega, Polaris, Sirius, or Nova stars. Plastic spokes insert inside each star. The company has also added circles in sizes up to 16' diameter for front or rear projection and lighting. Double-sided rectangles that slip on pillowcase forms are now available in sizes of 3'×8', 4'×8', 8'×8', and 8'×10'. In addition, reversible Quattro Tiles are now available in FR Spandex colors.

Soundvision V. 1.4


Version 1.4 of the Windows-based Soundvision 3D sound-design program incorporates prediction data for the new KIVA system (KIVA/KILO) and allows 8XT/12XT coaxial point-source systems to be powered by L-Acoustics' new LA4/LA8 amplified controllers. The new version retains all of Soundvision's recent enhancements, including dual-core processor compatibility and the implementation of temporal mapping, speaker grouping, and subwoofer visualization. Its intuitive graphical user interface allows for fast calculations of SPLs and coverage mapping for complex system or venue configurations. Room geometry and loudspeaker locations are defined in 3D, and simplified operating modes let users work in 2D to rapidly enter data. The speed and ease of use of its “coverage” is suitable for touring sound engineers, while a mapping mode provides an invaluable tool for audio consultants or sound designers. For installers, a third mechanical data mode provides useful, practical physical data for fixed installs.

Spectran HF4040 RF Analyzer

Kaltman Creations

The Spectran HF4040 is said to be the world's first low-cost, handheld field RF spectrum analyzer that addresses channel selection, interference identification, RF system monitoring, testing, and exposure limits. The frequency range is 10 MHz to 4GHz, ideal for analyzing VHF, UHF, and Wi-Fi bands. In addition to frequency-sweep readings and signal-strength readouts, the unit features display markers to indicate the three strongest peaks and their frequencies during each sweep; zoom, for narrowing the frequency span to 100 kHz; and the ability to perform data logging and long-term peak-hold recording. Ten (user-configurable) hot keys address the more popular US RF bands: wireless mics, Wi-Fi, assisted listening, Telco/cellular, intercom, and radio/TV. The system includes PC software for enhanced visual monitoring, a HyperLOG 700MHz to 2.5GHz directional antenna (other directional antennas available), and mini-tripod stand.

Sygma Install Loudspeakers


Among the installation-specific cabinets in the Sygma line, the self-powered SG models can connect to RHAON, the company's Ethernet-based audio operations network, via each cabinet's built-in PF Series Intelligent Digital Amplifier. The SGX models are designed for use with external amps. Initial offerings in the series range from the two-way coaxial SGX41, with a 4" woofer and 1" tweeter, to the SG61 and SGX61 — with a 6.5" woofer and 1" titanium HF driver on a 150°x60° complex conic horn — and the SG/SGX42, a stair-step/stage-lip loudspeaker with dual 4"/1" drivers. Three full-range, two-way, multi-angled cabinets include the SG/SGX81 (8" woofer, 120°×60° complex conic horn), SG/SG121 (12" woofer, 90°x60° horn) and SG/SGX151 (15" woofer, 90°×40° horn). A Windows GUI implements advanced network features such as half-latency and quarter-latency modes of CobraNet, and drag-and-drop signal routing. RHAON software lets users assign each loudspeaker to one of 64 audio channels and control parametric EQ, delay, and compression via onboard DSP and monitor the amp/drivers.

C5 and D5 Wireless Mics

AKG Acoustics

Wireless versions of AKG's C5 and D5 vocal mics are now available. The new C5 WL1 condenser and D5 WL1 dynamic mics offer two interchangeable capsule heads for the HT 4000 handheld unit as part of the WMS 4000 wireless system. Offering up to 1,200 selectable UHF frequencies, the WMS 4000 system comprises the SR 4000 receiver, HT 4000 handheld transmitter, and a PT 4000 bodypack transmitter. The fully HiQnet-compatible WMS 4000 features a backlit display, battery life indicator, silent mode, environment scan, auto-setup frequency search, and rehearsal functions.

SP FH Folded-Horn Subwoofer

Peavey Electronics

Featuring 1,600W program power handling (3,200W peak), the SP FH subwoofer has an 18" Low Rider® Black Widow® loudspeaker with 4" voice coil and Kevlar-impregnated cone in a folded-horn design for earth-rumbling low end. The carpeted, compact 36"×24"×34" enclosure weighs 150lbs., has built-in casters for portability, and offers both ¼" and 4-pin Speakon connectors. Specs include a 30Hz to 300Hz frequency response and a 108dB (1w/1m) sensitivity.

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