Pathway Connectivity Celebrates 10 Years of Pathport With Octo

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the unveiling of Pathway Connectivity’s Pathport® DMX-over-Ethernet nodes, and the company now launches the new eight-port Octo, a rack-mounted node that allows for compact installation of large numbers of ports in limited space. The eight ports are individually configurable in any combination.

A front-panel interface allows quick access to port direction, DMX output speed, Ethernet protocol choice, and basic universe patching. Full merge and priority channel patching, along with advanced features such as signal loss behavior (including crossfade), port-labeling, and choice of E1.31 streaming ACN version, are set via the free, platform-independent configuration software, Pathport Manager.

With choice of XLR or terminal strip connectors, the system works on its own as a DMX splitter with Ethernet connectivity or as the heart of a new DMX distribution system. It can also be retrofitted into the existing cabling of legacy systems such as DMXPathfinders.

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