New To LDI: PRG SuperRay

prg superray2.jpg

SuperRay from PRG is a hybrid fixture that can also act as a remote-controlled automated followspot with the GroundControl™ Followspot System. The unit features a CMY mixing system with three cross-fading color wheels, a variable CTO wheel with a range of 5,600k to 3,200k, and one designer color wheel (user-changeable). The high-resolution optical system has a 20:1 zoom from 3° to 60°, while a four-blade framing system on four planes enables full field shutter cuts. Other features include a mechanical iris, variable diffusers, and three multiplying prisms (one four-facet, one linear four-facet, and one eight-facet). Addition effects include three gobo wheels: one rotating gobo wheel (with six rotating, indexing, user replaceable gobos), one designer gobo wheel (with seven replaceable gobos), and one fixed beam gobo wheel with three fixed patterns and a fixed pixel animation range.

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