New To LDI: LynTec Xtend Power Control (XPC)

LynTec Xtend Power Control (XPC)

LynTec introduces its new line of Xtend Power Control (XPC) remote relay modules and a standalone controller. Each module contains an electrical connection, a power plug, and an Ethernet port. Using LynTec's IP-based GUI, users can set up and customize the control and sequencing for each device. The family includes the XRM 20 Relay Module, a standalone 20-amp cube enclosure with two independent relays to control the two onboard duplex plugs; the XRM 30 Relay Module, a standalone 30-amp cube enclosure with a single relay switch that controls a single 30A L5-30 receptacle; the XRS 20 Rack Sequencer, a 1RU rack-mounted enclosure powered from a 20-amp circuit to provide control to three duplex receptacles; and the XRS 80 Rack Sequencer, a hardwired vertical rack-mounted strip that can manage up to four 20-amp circuits that power four corresponding duplexes. The XPC standalone controller offers the company’s RPC control solution.

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