New Rosco Products Launched At USITT

Rosco is pleased to announce the launch of two new products at the recent USITT show in Phoenix: the LitePad and Delta Hazer.

Rosco LitePad is a slim profile light source that generates a soft even beam of light and almost no heat. Its small form factor and light weight make the Rosco LitePad perfect for use in many places where a larger, typical luminaire could not fit. Drawing just a few watts of power, LitePad is simple, fast, and economical to use in film and television, theatre, and live entertainment, and retail and event lighting.

Delta Hazer
The latest in the growing line of Delta effects machines, the Rosco Delta Hazer represents a new approach to creating atmospheric effects. With a unique water-based fluid, a 1000-watt heat exchanger and a high quality blower, the Delta Hazer can quickly create enough haze for any size venue. By turning just one knob, the fan and pump speed are varied for optimum output and, even at high speeds, the machine will run continuously.

Using Delta Technology, the Delta Hazer has a variety of features not seen in other machines, including on-board DMX, a low fluid sensor, and auto timers. More importantly, the Delta Hazer has a new continuous self-cleaning feature that insures long life. Like the rest of the Delta line, the Delta Hazer is easy to service and holds a large 4-liter bottle.

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