Lift Turn Move Launches Two New Products


Lift-Turn-Move is launching two new products: the Carbon Cub winch and the Kinolift PHC 1000 S person lift.

Carbon Cub
The Carbon Cub is a compact, portable, plug-and-play mini hoist system.

It has been specially designed to raise and lower lights, scenic element, projectors or banners.

The Carbon Cub features a matt black finish with black lifting cables and weighs only 41Kg. It has a travel speed of 4.3m per minute and can lift loads up to 136Kg to a height of 7.5m.

The unit itself weighs 41Kg and comes complete with self-locking helical gears. It has both right and left hand grooved drum winding preventing lateral movement, and there are limit switches and over travel protection. It is supplied with low voltage controls and remote pendant facility as standard and operates on either 400V three-phase (50Hz) or 220V single-phase (50Hz) power Supplies.

The Kinolift PHC 1000 (made by Alplift in Germany) is a cost-effective telescope type person-lift and a quick, safe, and easy way of reaching and working roofs and ceiling spaces. It makes changing lamps and other equipment including smoke detectors or other items extremely easy.

Its high aluminium content makes the Kinolift very lightweight and maneuverable despite a rigid construction. In 10 minutes, two people can transport and erect the Kinolift wherever it’s needed, and it can easily be fitted in between rows of seats and other awkward spaces, where other more convention lifts struggle to give access, or where a scaffolding construction would take time and be a hassle to build.

Kinolift has special arms that can be utilized in a variety of ways to deal with any on-the-spot situation, making it possible to erect the device in the most challenging locations, e.g. if the floor is sloping or directly at a wall.

All the Kinolift’s components are mounted on an elevating truck for easy transportation, and with the aid of an electric stairlift, it can be moved up or down steps in a simple manner.

The Kinolift operates on 230V off a standard electrical socket. The drive mechanism is mounted on a separate elevating truck for increased portability and positioning and can be placed in front or behind the Kinolift.

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