Lex Products Introduces The LSC 6CircuitTM Live Multi-Cable Tester At LDI 2008

Lex Products is pleased to introduce the LSC 6Circuit™ Live Multi-Cable Tester at LDI 2008. The LSC is the first portable 19-pin tester that tests and diagnoses cabling problems while the cable is still installed. Unlike conventional 19-pin testers that require cables to be tested from both ends, the tester plugs directly into the end of any energized, dimmed, or undimmed six-circuit cable.

Tests live 19-Pin six-circuit, extensions, and dimmer outputs used in theatres, live events, concert touring, motion picture filming, wherever six-circuit cable is used.

The LSC 6Circuit dimensions are as follows: 5.5” L (with connector) x 2.47”W x 2.95”H, with a rating of 120/240 VAC.

Features & Benefits:
- Tests LIVE 120 VAC 19 Pin cables and connectors
- Verifies power on each of the circuits
- Diagnoses both broken and swapped wires and pins
- Provides 3 diagnostic LEDs for each circuit, similar to popular electrician’s single-circuit testers
- Ultrabright LEDs can be used as a temporary worklight in tight and dark spaces above and around stages
- Can confirm power on a moving-light 208VAC multicable
- Extremely convenient, compact and easy to use
- Durable rubber construction...a great addition to any tech tool kit

- Specifically designed for LIVE circuit testing 1
- May be used with any standard 19-Pin six-circuit power source
- Six independent testers, each providing three diagnostic LEDs
- LSC 19 Pin Male Connector

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