LDI New Products


Additional new products being shown at LDI will be featured in the November issue of Live Design as well as in the LDI Show Daily at www.livedesignonline.com. For booth information, please see the LDI Show Directory.


Hippotizer Upgrades

Green Hippo/TMB

HippoCritter, an entry-level version of Hippotizer, and HippoPortamus, a laptop-based version, are new offerings in Green Hippo's line of media servers. HippoPortamus can act as a standalone unit or as a show programming and server control solution via its ZooKeeper control software. In addition, all Hippotizer models now ship with the full release of 3.0.12 software, featuring numerous revisions for timeline, media management, import/export, and keystone functions. New components include advanced timecode readout, scheduling, and alarm functions. A new operational mode, Simple Mode, allows faster programming for smaller shows. A TCP/IP Telnet component extends the options for external control, and bi-directional functionality opens up the ability to control third party devices directly from Hippotizer's user interface. Version 3.1 will add increased functionality and more than 100 new features, including UberPan for multi-screen/server configuration from one virtual screen area. Hippotizer Stage and Hippotizer HD are now also shipping in a road-ready enclosure, with professional connections to the rear, modular design for current and future add-ons/options, regulated cooling, front-mounted LCD with navigation keys for setting adjustments without a monitor, metal housing, and multifunction LED lighting strips with failure alert functions.

DigitalSpot 3000 DT

Robe Lighting

DigitalSpot 3000 DT is a digital moving light projector with an LED-based REDWash module on board. The fixture emits 2,700 ANSI lumens from a 200W projection lamp with a contrast ratio of 2,000:1. Based around an Intel Core2 Duo E6750, 2.66GHz, 1333MHz FSB processor with 1GB of RAM and a NVIDIA 8600 GT graphics card, the unit includes three digital gobo layers for image and video control. The graphics engine supports more than 60,000 original and user-created videos/gobos usable on all gobo layers, with individual X and Y positioning and scaling possible on each layer, as well as CMY image and video color mixing and color temperature correction. Additional effects include banner effects, digital iris plus 160 masking effects, full keystone correction, picture merging, and digital strobe. Supported image formats include JPG, TGA, PNG, GIF, PCX, PNM, XPM, and LBM, and supported video formats are MPEG1 and MPEG2. The LED module on the unit features 48 Luxeon Rebel LEDs with a 25° beam angle and RGBW color mixing with full dimming. Additional features include motorized focus, mechanical shutter, 530° pan, 280° tilt, and 16-bit movement resolution. Connections include S-video and RCA video inputs, DMX in/out via locking 3-pin and 5-pin XLR, two USB ports, and Art-Net via Neutrik EtherCon. DigitalSpot 3000 DT communicates active RDM. Menu configurations and DMX address patches are set up remotely from a computer running Robe RDMNet software, linked via Robe's DreamBox USB interface.


High End Systems

StudioPix is a hybrid wide-angle moving yoke LED wash light with programmable graphic imaging. This second product in HES' new line of Pixelation Luminaires is smaller than its predecessor and features a circular array of 61 homogenous 3W LEDs on a 13.5" diameter head with an output of 11,500 RGB lumens. The pixels project not only color, but also display images and effects, and the unit is equipped with the PixelArt collection of images. Users can also upload their own content through the new HES Echo application, a software program offering content visualization, management, and RDM management features. The application optimizes and maps the images to the 61 LED pixels of the fixture. The DMX Scratch feature allows for synchronization of the frames of a media file to music in realtime. Using a pixel-mapping protocol, the user may also individually control each LED.


Element Labs

The Cobra 16mm (virtual 8) LED video display is a flexible, indoor/outdoor system suited to both permanent installations and rental applications. The range of displays was designed to create an environmentally-friendly system with a fraction of the power consumption, heat generation, and weight of other LED displays. It features a 100,000-hour lifetime with RoHS and Class B EMC compliance. Brightness for the display is 6,500 nits, and a cyan LED expands the color range and yields purer white. The display is also fanless in an IP66-rated enclosure requiring no tools for deployment and removal. Cobra is powered by the Vizomo video processor.

CS-2000 Spectroradiometer

Konica Minolta

The CS-2000 Spectroradiometer is a high-speed, high-accuracy instrument for measuring the luminance and chromaticity of various display devices such as plasma displays, LCDs, and LEDs. Capable of measuring luminance as low as 0.003cd/m2 at a measurement angle of 1° for blacker blacks and enabling contrast measurements of 100,000:1, it also offers changeable measurement angles to measure not only general areas but also extremely small regions. The device builds on the company's previous models but with 100-times higher sensitivity, achieving an additional digit of accuracy. In addition, it maintains a half bandwidth of less than 5nm throughout the entire measurement wavelength range, for precise color measurements with true 1nm data. Memory capacity allows storing 100 measurements, and selectable measurement angles of 0.1°, 0.2°, and 1° enable measurements of large to small areas. High repeatability is achieved using a design that eliminates mechanical and electrical noise sources, and polarization errors are reduced to 2%. The multifunction operation panel with color LCD screen and keypad are located on the back of the instrument, allowing direct selection of functions including Spectral Graph Illuminance capable of measuring footcandles and lux. A CS-S10w Professional Software Package is included as standard, and the device is USB-compatible.


W-DMX° BlackBox S-2000

Wireless Solution

W-DMX BlackBox S-2000 is a 19" 1U double universe transmitter compatible with ACN Lite, ETCNet, and Strand ShowNet. Supporting both RDM and Art-Net, the units are also stackable for up to 32 DMX universes and support W-DMX Co-Existence technology. Remote addressing for up to 512 fixtures is possible in point-to-point mode when daisy-chained by cable and in point-to-multipoint mode. All units are shipped with a multipurpose bracket as well as a standard 2dBi rubber whip antenna. Other antennae options are available to increase the standard transmission range of 2,300' to up to 7,550'. W-DMX units use Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS) and change frequency every 910uS. The operational frequency range is 2,402 to 2,479MHz (ISM band), with a channel bandwidth of 1MHz.

MAC III Profile°

Martin Professional

The MAC III Profile is the first product in Martin's third generation of MAC moving heads. The unit features patent-pending technology and a new platform for all-around higher performance, including a broad front lens and a 1,500W fast-fit lamp with high optical efficiency that outputs more than 33,000 lumens of power and is up to 75% brighter than current 1,200W fixtures. A reduced 1,200W mode is also available for reduced power consumption or to better balance the output of 1,200W units in the rig. An enhanced CMY color-mixing system gives a wider range of vibrant colors across the spectrum plus a broad range of uniform pastels. A fixed color wheel houses seven interchangeable slots, plus open. The expanded color gamut is complemented with variable CTO. The two rotating gobo wheels, both five-slot plus open and auto-indexable, include keyed gobos to allow for gobo changes while maintaining an indexed position. The gobo animation system allows for effect simulations via an animation wheel made of glass. The unit operates in DMX and RDM and is fully prepared for Art-Net II and ACN. Additional features include smooth dimming, a separate shutter, motorized iris, a variable rotating four-facet prism, a linked zoom and focus with an 11.5° to 55° zoom range, powerful motors, precise pan and tilt system (540°×270°), absolute positioning, a low noise cooling and duct system, self-contained modules, yoke handles, electronic ballast, and an auto-sensing switch-mode power system. Onboard software creates a service and event log for download. A battery-powered LCD screen GUI with jog wheel is also on board for programming, troubleshooting, and checking fixture status.

Bad Boy


Bad Boy is a hybrid luminaire that combines the qualities of a traditional automated light with a large venue fixture. Producing 48,000 lumens, the fixture offers high optical clarity and smooth control of focus, zoom, dimming, and imaging by combining high-quality lenses and high-speed servo motors. The high-speed servo motors yield repeatable, precise pan-and-tilt responses with a maximum speed of 4.1 seconds for 540° of pan and 3.2 seconds for 270° of tilt with an accuracy of 0.2°. The unit features the Quantum Color® system comprising four color wheels with seven discrete colors on each wheel: one designer wheel with user-changeable color filters and three fixed color wheels organized into cyan, magenta, and yellow. Bad Boy's individual color filters allow for variation in both saturation and hue of CMY colors, resulting in a much broader and vibrant range of saturated colors that are pure and homogenous across the beam. Using a Philips MSR Gold 1,200W SA/SE FastFit lamp that is adjustable between 700W and 1,400W, the single-ended axial lamp is easily changeable from the rear of the unit, eliminating the need to open the head for lamp access. With an optical efficiency of over 40%, the unit doubles standard efficiencies. Suited to use of high-resolution gobos, the zoom lens system features enhanced optical imagery and a zoom range of 8:1 from a narrow spot of 7° to a wide flood of 56°. The 8" diameter front lens produces a large, full beam that can be varied by the zoom lens and beam size iris. Bad Boy's two rotating gobo wheels are indexable, with each of the seven gobos per wheel individually calibrated so the unit will automatically index the orientation of each, regardless of placement.

Unison Paradigm And SmartLink


The new Unison Paradigm architectural lighting control system aims to make theatre house and foyer lighting control greener. Paradigm's library of lighting products with touchscreen control helps create dynamic effects, while networking technology allows devices from different manufacturers to interoperate over the same control system. Energy management tools capitalize on daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, and time schedules for maximum electricity and budget savings. In addition to Paradigm, SmartLink is a solution for smaller venue control. The SmartLink TimeClock brings time-of-day control to ETC Unison, Sensor, and SmartPack dimming, enabling automatic activation using realtime or astronomical events. A new version of SmartSoft is also available. Originally only for the SmartFade ML console, the new version covers SmartFade 1248, 2496, and 1296 consoles and is compatible with both PC and Macintosh systems. SmartSoft allows users to connect their PC or Mac to an ETC SmartFade lighting console via USB and gain live displays of show data, as well as direct data-editing tools. It works as an offline editor and allows users to save show files directly to the hard disk.

Lee Filters

Lighting designers Peter Fisker and Paule Constable worked with the Lee research and development team to create new colors that are now part of the company's 700 series. Fisker's new range includes: 700 Perfect Lavender, 703 Cold Lavender, 727 QFD Blue, and 780 AS Golden Amber. Constable's collection features 768 Egg Yolk Yellow, 742 Bram Brown, 733 Damp Squib, and 731 Dirty Ice.

Legend 6500


The Legend 6500 is a 10 to 14-channel intelligent LED moving yoke wash suited for club, production, stage, and architectural applications, with full RGBW mixing capability. Features include adjustable color temperatures (preset values range from 3,200K to 10,000K), the ability to trigger instant color changes, discreet operation, and a rugged housing. The unit comes with 90 high-power LEDs (700mA red; 1,500mA blue, green, and white) and 15° lenses. It produces a long-throw wash of 14,780 lux at 2m with a beam angle of 12° and a field angle of 23°. Optional 10° and 30° lenses can be swapped into the fixture to respectively provide a tighter or wider beam configuration. Standard features include variable electronic strobe, electronic dimming, remote fixture reset, automatic pan and tilt correction, adjustable fan speed, an LCD display with password protection, and Neutrik PowerCon® power connectors.

ProTester 19 MOBAL

Global Design Solutions/TMB

ProTester 19 MOBAL (Make Or Break And Load) is a compact and portable 19-pin combined Socapex® extension lead and fault tester for portable or bench use that performs a continuity check of extension cable in less than two seconds, as well as load check, identifying 110V or 240V lamps, moving lights, or open circuits. Various cables and equipment can be checked with a single tester. The unit is fully automated, with no buttons or programming, and automatically senses which test is required, displaying the results instantaneously on an OLED display in symbols, making it usable in any language. It is fully protected against accidental mains power, is IP67-rated, and RoHS- and WEE-compliant. Using rechargeable lithium ion technology, battery life is rated at three weeks in standby mode and at two days of constant use when in operation.


Elation Professional

A high-power, 1m long color-mixing LED bar, the ELED Strip RGBW is suited for wall washing and long-throw applications. It is powered by 60 high-output 1W LEDs, 15 each red, green, blue, and white. Along with its brightness, it features special asymmetric optics that make it especially suited for throwing color wash coverage over a large area. Fully DMX-compatible, the unit can be operated in six DMX control modes and offers four-zone control of the LEDs. A bright LCD display allows users to navigate through the onboard menu and DMX settings. The fixture comes with a built-in multi-voltage power supply with AC link, and 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections. An integrated floor stand/mounting bracket also is included. ETL approval is pending.

Wing Wall Wash Flood Range


The Wing range is a new line of wall wash floods for illumination of walls and general display lighting. The entire range is designed around a wide flood angle with an adjustable fixture tilt angle to precisely position the output, providing the ability to use fewer fixtures to evenly light a wall — 20% fewer than other products, according to Selecon. Features include precision pan-and-tilt Allen screw lock off adjustments with reference scales for standardized setup and reduced installation time. A wide range of available light sources (linear tungsten halogen, Halolux, CDM metal halide, and compact fluorescent) take advantage of the latest in lamp technologies offering a choice of color rendering; dimming capability; life hours; and energy consumption. Power supplies are integrated into the length of the fixture, and the units are available in three colors: white, black, and silver-grey with either track adapter or ceiling mounting options.


Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc.

After 10 years of research and development, Pangolin has created the Professional Audience Safety System (PASS), a combination of hardware and software that allows setup, performance, and continued safety of audience scanning laser shows. Vigorously reviewed by numerous laser safety experts, a projector that uses PASS technology has recently been awarded a CDRH variance, allowing audience scanning to take place in the US, marking the first availability in the US of a standardized product of its kind.

Lightwright 5

John McKernon Software

Lightwright 5 software for managing theatrical lighting paperwork is now available, featuring Lightwright/VectorWorks Data Exchange, a new way to share data with VectorWorks Spotlight 2009, keeping the plot and the paperwork synchronized in realtime. This new version also keeps a complete history of who made changes in the worksheet and when, allowing a user to undo another user's changes. Worksheet Reconciliation takes advantage of the history log by showing where two sets of data disagree, allowing multiple versions of the file to be worked on simultaneously. Users can also keep any number of show files open at once, and multiple users on a network can share worknotes and files. Worknotes have also been reconfigured, with adding, editing, and prioritizing now more flexible and a “distribute” feature that prints personalized worknote lists for multiple recipients, emails worknotes from within the software, and sends them to other users on the network. A color scroll design window allows colors to be chosen from the palettes of all major color brands. Colors can then be dragged into a graphical view. A moving light wheel design window provides a graphic picture of the wheel, with any number of holes, with indicator notches and rotating gears. Additional features include global search in any data category, live counts for a running total of lights and accessories, 18 user-definable columns, and automatic dimmer load balancing.

Lancelot Accessories

Robert Juliat

Noria is a fully automated gobo changer for use with Lancelot followspots. It has the capacity to take up to six A-sized gobos, each fully rotating with complete control over speed and direction. Each wheel also rotates in either direction at any speed, and all are controllable via DMX, with a manual alternative also available. A Lancelot can house up to two changers simultaneously slotting into the gate, with a switching capacity to identify the first unit from the second, offering a selection of up to 10 separate gobos (five, plus open on each wheel). Also new is the Chromix graduated color-mixing system that uses high-temperature theatre color filters for a full color range. This system consists of a module with four blades, each with a frame to hold any HT filter — color, frost, or color temperature. Built on the same mechanical and technological construction as the dimmer, this ensures a progressive and smooth color mix effect. Up to five modules can be used at one time, each independently controllable. Each blade is attached with a quarter-turn screw for changing or replacement of the color filter. In the event of a power failure, a safety system allows manual control of Chromix, disengaging the motor and enabling manual operation from a handle located on the top of the followspot. Connectors for both Chromix and Noria provide power and data.

iW Blast® TR Lighting Kit

City Theatrical

The iW Blast® TR Lighting Kit features Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions iW Blast TR fixtures — two-channel white LED fixtures — as well as accessories for those who need bright white light with variable color temperature and battery-powered operation. The kit contains three each of the following: iW Blast TR fixtures; lighting stands adjustable to 8'; snap-on barndoors and egg crate louvers, neither requiring tools or accessory holders; sets of five polycarbonate holographic symmetric lenses; sets of four polycarbonate holographic asymmetric lenses; and two-channel LED dimmers allowing control of intensity and color temperature, powered by either 100VAC to 240VAC mains power or 24VDC battery power. The kit comes in a rugged transport and carry case with wheels. In addition to the kit, City Theatrical also offers polycarbonate holographic lenses in both symmetric and asymmetric beam spreads to fit iW Blast TR and ColorBlast® 12 TR units, available in beam spreads from 10° to 60°, as well as asymmetric beam spreads such as 60°×10°. A new lens adapter also allows the use of these lenses in other Philips fixtures, including ColorBlast 12 and ColorBlast12 Powercore.

BTH Lamp


The BTH halogen lamp is a 575W upgrade for 6" and 8" Fresnels, also suitable for PC spots using medium pre-focus base lamps. The lamp operates on 115V and is a direct replacement for the 500W, 120V BTL lamps, providing a brighter, whiter light with 30% more lumens and a higher color temperature. Additionally, the output of 15,500 lumens is rated higher than the output of most BTL lamps at 11,000 lumens. At an average rated life of 300 hours, the lamp has the same life as most major SSTV lamp types.

The Remote


The Remote is a palm-sized, handheld wireless remote control for the Zylight family of LED lighting instruments, allowing complete wireless control over every function available on Z50 and Z90 LED fixtures. Three extra buttons control special functions such as cross fades. The device features an internal rechargeable battery and DMX compatibility. Users can integrate as many instruments as necessary on 10 different ZyLink networks. The unit also includes a detachable belt clip and USB interface.

DMX Loop Tray

GAM Products, Inc.

The DMX-controlled Loop Tray is the fifth available effects tray in the SX4® family of special effects devices for ETC Source Four ellipsoidals. It has built-in programs for standalone operation, with more than 40 off-the-shelf effects and loops. With five interchangeable trays, users can have a four- or six-gobo changer, color changer, effects loops, or discs. The unit does not require a dimmer circuit for control, as it can be controlled via DMX. In addition, GAM offers 24 new patterns for use in conventional ellipsoidals, ranging from skylines to jukeboxes, pagodas to pyramids, totem poles to breakups, and geometrics.

ColorReach Powercore

Philips Solid-State
Lighting Solutions

ColorReach Powercore is a high-output LED-based projector for illuminating extensive façades and large buildings. It combines 4,000 lumens of output and 400' projection with digital control to make LED sources viable for extremely large-scale exterior lighting. Features include adjustable mounting options, Powercore® technology for single-cable line voltage operation, 5° standard beam angle, and 10°, 20°, 40°, 60° beam angles with optional diffuser lenses. Its Chromacore® technology enables RGB additive color mixing, and the unit can be controlled via Philips' controllers or via DMX-compatible, third-party controllers. Input power is 100 to 240VAC, with power consumption estimated at 300W.

Axis LED


Axis LED is a 3W unit with 54 LEDs (18 each, red, green, and blue) that provide RGB color mixing controlled via 12 DMX channels. With a 360° pan, 270° tilt, and a 32° angle, connection is via 3-pin XLR connectors, and the unit's lifetime is rated at 60,000 to 100,000 hours at 170W. Mounting points are via two pairs of L-turn locks. The fixture features electronic ballast, and power consumption is 110V 50-60Hz.

PixelMax Range


PixelRange introduces a few new members to the PixelMax range of fixtures, including PixelMax Wash, an RGBA fixture with 132 high-intensity Luxeon K2 LEDs designed for touring, lighting stages, audience blinding, backdrops, sets, cycs, and lighting structures. PixelMax Pro is a combined wash and pixilation luminaire, featuring 288 RGBA high intensity Luxeon Rebel LEDs. Built around the same housing as the PixelMax Wash, this unit offers 18 individually controlled cells in a 3×6 matrix. This gives the ability to produce low-resolution visual effects, in addition to using the fixture as a high-power wash light with an expanded palette. Also new are a compact, 36×6 pixels half-length PixelArt unit and a major software upgrade for PixelArt that supports controlling the video batten fixtures directly via DMX by feeding an Art-Net compliant signal in to the VideoMapper.

OSSMD Sensors


Leviton offers three new dual relay multi-technology wall-mount occupancy sensors that combine bi-level switching with passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic (US) technology. The new OSSMD, OSSMD-G, and OSSMD-F feature self-adaptive technology that compensates for realtime occupancy patterns. The OSSMD accommodates a range of application environments and is compatible with incandescent, fluorescent, and low-voltage lighting, providing automatic switching of two separate lighting loads from a single unit. The OSSMD-G does not require a neutral wire for installation, making it suitable for retrofit applications. The OSSMD-F is designed for areas when there is a need for a delayed-off for the second relay. The line uses PIR sensing to detect motion, while US sensing provides maximum sensitivity and range. The sensors also feature walk-through sensing that automatically switches lights off after momentary occupancy. Additional features include an ambient light override feature to keep lights off when there is adequate natural lighting, adjustable field-of-view blinders, and a push button for manual switching at any time.

VectorWorks 2009


The 2009 release of the VectorWorks® line of design software includes new versions of Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Machine Design, Fundamentals, and RenderWorks. A new engine provides enhanced 2D and 3D capabilities at speeds up to five times faster for modeling operations, improved 3D modeling, and optimized workflows. The software is powered by Parasolid®, the CAD/CAM/CAE modeling kernel from Siemens PLM Software. New interface functionality yields enhanced usability, including a pre-selection indication feature that provides intelligent feedback from the cursor. Used in conjunction with drawing tools, SmartCursor snapping allows users to draw with more precision. Spotlight, in particular, includes a new 2D symbol insertion mode that allows users to specify an exact point on a symbol when offsetting it, and it supports angular and linear offsets for objects inserted in round walls. Additional features in Spotlight include the ability to transfer attributes between design layer viewports; a duplicate array command; unfolding of developable NURBS surfaces (or CSG solids that represent developable surfaces) into a flattened 2D representation; automatic universe assignment; similar object creation; parametric straight and curved truss objects; and other enhancements to workflow, content, and rendering.


CellCom® Version 2.0


CellCom Version 2.0 digital wireless intercom system features enhanced beltpack capacity, Interrupted Foldback (IFB) functionality, and improved group operations between beltpacks, party-lines, and other external inputs. The system is based on a cellular architecture that offers license-free communication and can allow up to 20 beltpacks to roam seamlessly between remote active antennas. The number of beltpacks that a base station can support is doubled. Three configurable IFBs allow the user to assign IFB keys to any number of beltpacks. The beltpacks can then be programmed to act as IFB talent receivers or as the originator of the interrupts. Other new components include Wireless Party-line groups, which allows seamless mixing of Party-line users, external inputs, and beltpack users in the same group without having different output volume levels. The programmable 1RU base station oversees all communications for up to 20 digital wireless beltpacks. The system can be controlled from both the front-panel display on the base station or remotely via an Ethernet-connected PC that runs the configuration software. The beltpacks are linked wirelessly to the base station by the remote active antenna, and all transmission takes place in the license-free 1.8 to 1.9GHz frequency band. Each wireless beltpack and wired intercom connection on the rear of the base station has its own full-duplex port. As each wireless beltpack has its own timeslot, it can be individually addressed by the base station.

UPQ-2P Narrow Coverage

Meyer Sound

The self-powered UPQ-2P narrow coverage loudspeaker, part of the UltraSeries family of loudspeakers, features extended low-frequency headroom and a wide operating range of 55Hz to 18kHz, delivering a peak SPL of 136dB with ultra-low distortion. Its constant-Q horn yields coverage over a narrow beam width of 50° by 50°, resulting in minimal interaction with adjacent surfaces and neighboring loudspeakers. The speaker features a low-frequency 15" neodymium magnet cone driver and a 4" diaphragm compression driver. Its proprietary two-channel class AB/H power amplifier yields a combined power output of 1,275W and uses proprietary QuietCool fan technology. The amplifier is equipped with Meyer's Intelligent AC power supply that adapts to any power voltage worldwide. The unit features integral amplification, as well as complex crossover, driver protection including dedicated limiters to protect and extend the life of the drivers, and frequency and phase correction circuitry onboard. The trapezoidal enclosure features a textured, hard-shell finish and includes an integral pole mount receptacle that accepts 1½" diameter poles or loudspeaker stands. In addition, the cabinet incorporates rigging end-plates with multiple threaded M10 attachment points for eye-bolt rigging. QuickFly® rigging options include the MPA-UPQ pick-up and array plate and MYA-UPQ mounting yoke. Additional options include Meyer Sound weather protection, an installation version without handles, and custom color finishes.


Hall Stage Rigging Blocks


Hall Stage rigging blocks by Thern are now available through Hall Stage North America. Available individually or as part of a clew winch rigging kit, the 8SA Series blocks are made of durable lightweight Nylatron, with sheaves housed between two heavy-duty 3/16" steel side plates. Precision ball bearings run on machined steel shafts for smooth, reliable, and nearly silent operation. Designed for use in both single and multi-line setups, blocks are available with 4", 6", and 8" diameter sheaves that range from single groove up to nine grooves. Operators can choose 1/8", 3/16", or ¼" steel wire rope or select sheaves with special grooving for use with fiber rope. Standard mounting frames provide flexibility for various upright or underhung installations, and a selection of universal mounting brackets is also available, including pipe brackets, wall plates, point load brackets, and Unistrut mounting plates. All blocks are finished in satin black.
www.hallstage.com, www.thern.com

Stage Technologies

Acrobat G6

Acrobat G6 is a new version of the show automation console that uses Chameleon software, Stage Technologies' common platform for programming multiple shows, plotting, and using both metric and imperial units. The console has six playbacks, dual 20" widescreen LCD screens, redundant electronics backup, and is normally used without a system server. Acrobat stores the configuration and show data on the redundant computers and dual solid-state hard drives. Additional features include full 3D graphical visualization, switching to numerical grid view once the show is running, and a shortcut panel with 24 switches for one-touch operation to selected parts of the automation system. The software tool, Visual Creator, is also available as an add-on, allowing motion profiles to be plotted and previewed and making the plotting of complicated arcs with speed variation a straightforward process. Additionally available software modules include Complex Groups and offline editing on a standalone PC or laptop. Operation is 110V/230V.

Guard Dog® Low Profile Cable Protectors


Guard Dog is a low-profile heavy duty cable management system that protects electrical cables and hose lines from damage while providing a method of safe crossing for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. With a height of 1.25", this top-loading, multichannel cable protector features wide, gently sloping ADA-compliant ramps and a hinged lid to organize valuable cables/wires into separate channels. Each cable/hose line is separated and organized in its own channel to ensure safety. ADA-compliant accessories are also available. The cable protectors are suited to stage, studio, and broadcast applications, and they fit multiple cable sizes.

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