LDI New Product: Fiasco Cadillac Case

Fiasco Cadillac Case

Fiasco has just released a reimagined cadillac case, with a new flip-over hinge, a heavy-duty hinge that is recessed into the exterior. The hinge eliminates snagging associated with conventional hinges that sometimes jut out from traditional cases when closed, and it also allows the lid to flip fully back for all-sides access. Also new is the rounded extrusion, creating smooth edges that are gentle on cables, drapes, and hands. Its siding is twice as thick as standard cases. The 48"x30" cases are optimized for 96" and 90" trucks: pack two end-to-end in 96" box-trucks and semi-trailers, or pack three side-by-side in shipping-containers or 90" box-trucks. Internal capacity is 15.8cu-ft (447L). www.fiascocases.com

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