LDI 2014 New Product: Coolux Pandoras Box Version 5.7

LDI 2014 New Product: Coolux Pandoras Box Version 5.7

Pandoras Box Version 5.7 and Widget Designer software version 4.7 are new from coolux. Version 5.7 features “venue sites,” used for visualizing complete stage, installation, and show setups in realtime, using 3D models. Media content can be preprogrammed per output and routed to different 3D models this way. Venue sites allows the use of a realtime compositing environment to simulate video projectors virtually. Media content and content compositing can be used completely independently from the visualized 3D scenes. Additional features include a completely redesigned text editor, advanced ASIO and HD-SDI audio routing, and a range of improvements for a pixel-oriented workflow. Widget Designer Version 4.7 now features ID tag tracking, canvas support, a Vista Spyder touch panel, and AIRScan Manager.
TAGS: Projection LDI
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