LDI 2014 New Product: Benjamin Electric RDM Conformance Tester

LDI 2014 New Product: Benjamin Electric RDM Conformance Tester

The RDM Conformance Tester is a Windows® application that performs tests on products to determine protocol compliance with DMX512 and RDM. The application runs on all Windows platforms through a standard USB port in conjunction with either a JESE Ltd TRI MK1 or Goddard Design DMXter4 series USB-RDM interface. The tests provide a clear determination of pass, fail, warning, or advisory levels with the decoded parameter data for all command classes and parameter IDs (PIDs). Manufacturer or custom PID messages can also be transmitted and the responses analyzed. Results can be exported for use in reports, and filtering by result levels allows the user to isolate messages for detailed analysis. Extensive testing of a responder’s behavior in format errors and data range boundary conditions is provided, as is support for messages sent to sub-devices. 
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