LDI 2014 New Product: Baxter Controls, Inc.'s The Pocket Console 24/Eight

The Pocket Console® 24/Eight™ is a 24-channel, eight-submaster, single DMX universe console. One DMX universe—512 DMX addresses—can be patched into up to 24-channels across three banks of eight-faders. The 24 channels can be accessed across the three banks of faders, bank 1 through 8, bank 9 through 16, or bank 17 through 24. Channel bank assignment can be easily changed as necessary during operations to give access to all 24 channels, eight at a time. The unit has a patch mode and three operational modes: channel mode, playback mode, and record mode. With the patch/normal switch set to the patch mode position, the console’s 512 DMX addresses are then fully patchable to all 24 channels, eight at a time, depending what bank you are in. 
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