Lake Controller Version 3.1 Software Now Available

Audio digital signal processing manufacturer Lake Technology has released version 3.1 of its Lake Controller software for Lake Contour digital loudspeaker and Lake Mesa Quad EQ digital matrix processors.

Lake Controller v3.1 software introduces a number of new and improved features in response to user requests, such as MIDI and AMX control options, a more comprehensive user interface, improved data entry methods, and direct access to online utilities.

MIDI control of Lake Contour and Lake Mesa Quad EQ units is now implemented using System Exclusive MIDI messaging, offering external control and automation of Frame Preset Recall, Input Mute/Unmute, and Overlay Bypass/Insert. With the addition of a special Lake Technology firmware upgrade, external control of Lake Contour is now available from AMX-compliant devices, such as commercially available control touchscreens.

Onscreen data entry improvements include the expansion of available keyboard shortcuts to allow fast system navigation and adjustment when a keyboard is attached to the Lake Controller PC. Additionally, a smaller version of the onscreen keyboard is now displayed when numeric values are being edited, displaying only relevant keys.

Designer Worksheets speed up the system integration process. Data is entered and viewed through the real-time spreadsheet-style interface, which is accessible in Designer Mode. Parameter values for Contour and Mesa Quad EQ processors are directly accessible, can be adjusted in real time and quickly and easily copied and pasted between spreadsheet cells.

A new All Pass Filter function has been made available in Designer Mode. It introduces first-order and second-order All Pass filters to allow phase adjustment on the XOVER and AUX OUTPUT tabs of Contour processors only.

If an internet connection is available, the new Online Automatic Software Update Utility allows users to check for and download new versions of the Lake Controller software. A Support Forum link has also been added that provides immediate, direct access to the Lake Proaudio support forum. Loudspeaker presets are now included in the Lake Controller software installer together with a link in the START menu to Lake's online Speaker Preset Archive.

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